Geosciences Department

2017 Geology Newsletter

In June, we graduated seventeen seniors – Carli Aragosa, Rupert Aranda, Carolyn Connors, Alex Dolcimascolo, Jake Faas, Liam Glennon, Alice Hayden, Alison Horst, Mike Kaye, Nolan Lescalleet, Ben Lucas, Dan Meandro, Iseinie Mendez, James Molloy, Claire Puleio, Julie Sophis, and Katherine Swager. Several students are enrolled in Masters geology programs this fall and others have found employment as environmental consultants. One student is an intern for the USGS in Troy and another is an intern for a regional bank. A few did not have definitive plans upon graduation, but we look forward to hearing from them soon! We continue to have >40 majors in the department and a close faculty-student relationship.
At prize day in May, we recognized the accomplishments of several of our seniors. Julie Sophis ’17 earned the Edward S.C. Smith Geology Prize for demonstrating the most professional potential in geology. Julie worked with John Garver on dating detrital zircons in Alaska to help unravel the tectonic history of the area. She is currently enrolled in a Masters pro-gram at University of Kansas. Alex Dolcimascolo ’17 was awarded the Geology Department Faculty Prize for contributing to the morale of the department. Alex spearheaded the Union College Water Initiative (UCWI) and was also the recipient of a Green Fee Grant to install filtered water stations around campus. He is currently attending graduate school at Western Washington University.
We annually award the Wold Scholarship to high achieving students in each class. This year’s recipients were Abadie Ludlam ‘18, Sarah Hickernell ’18, Rebecca Lippitt ’19, and Alaina Chormann ’20. The Wold Scholars receive a tuition benefit and serve as departmental tutors for the year.