Geosciences Department

Pre-Orientation, Western Interior Field Trip Experience

This trip will be a ten-day tour that will include parts of Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Participants will have the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular landscapes the western U.S. has to offer. The group will collect in Salt Lake City, spend the night near the Great Salt Lake shoreline, and the next day embark on a trip through western Colorado, eastern and southern Utah, and northern Arizona, as far south as the Grand Canyon.

The trip will be led by George Shaw, Kurt Hollocher, and Hailey Mundel, of the Union College Geosciences Department. They have traveled extensively in the region, and know a fair bit about the region.

Except for the last night, we will be camping in a variety of locations. Most meals will be made in camp or on the road, with occasional restaurants along the way. Trip emphasis will be on seeing spectacular landscapes, and learning about the geologic history of this complex region. Here is a proposed itinerary of the trip.

Grand Canyon