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NSF Biographical Sketch

Beginning October 5, 2020 applicants will be required to use one of the NSF-approved formats for the Biographical Sketch section of an NSF proposal.

NSF Approved Formats:
NSF Fillable PDF - Applicants should download this form, save it to their desktop, complete the form, and upload as part of an proposal package.
SciENcv - NSF partnered with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to use SciENcv as an NSF-approved format for use in preparation of biographical sketches. Applicants will be able to generate a PDF from SciENcv and upload as part of an NSF proposal package.

Additional Resources on Biographical Sketches:
NSF Fillable PDF FAQs
SciENcv Instructional Video
SciENcv Guidance on Creating an NSF Biographical Sketch
SciENcv FAQs
NSF PAPPG (20-1) webinar - go to 51:00 minutes for clarified guidance on synergistic activities