Job Title
Associate Professor of History
Chair of the History Department
Andrea Foroughi
Office Location
Lippman Hall
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
M.A., University of Minnesota
B.A., Santa Clara University

Research interests

My love of history began as a young girl reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, a biography of Abigail Adams, and Louisa May Alcott’s spunky heroines. My main research interests as a historian developed in part from these female-centered books and some of the historical issues raised in them: female and male gender roles; women’s rights; and interactions between American Indians and whites. I have studied a Minnesota couple’s Civil War correspondence and what it reveals about gender during the national conflict; examined how manuscript and printed maps represent competing American Indian and European land claims leading up to the Seven Years War; and analyzed the gendered content and symbols in political cartoons of Abraham Lincoln.

Teaching interests

The courses I teach reflect my early interests. I offer American women’s history, colonial through the present with a separate course on the history of women’s rights and citizenship; American Indian history and a comparative North American frontiers course; the Civil War; and “Hands-On” History, using archival materials and interning at a local museum.

Selected publications:

“Go if you think it your duty”: The Civil War Correspondence of James Madison and Elizabeth Caleff Bowler (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2007).

“Vine and Oak: Wives and Husbands Cope with the Financial Panic of 1857,”Journal of Social History, 36:4 (Summer 2003): 1009-1032.

“To secure a home for my family,” Minnesota History 58.3 (Fall 2002): 147-160.

“Hiding and Highlighting Power in Eighteenth-Century North American Maps,” The Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, The Newberry Library, Chicago, IL, 2002