Rajashree Mazumder

Rajashree Mazumder

Job Title
Assistant Professor of History
Lippman Hall 202

Areas of Expertise

South Asia, Southeast Asia, Burma, British Empire, Migration History in the Indian Ocean region and the Indian diaspora, and Gender and Sexuality

Teaching and Research Interests:

I teach a range of survey and seminar courses on both South and Southeast Asia and histories of migration in these parts of the world.

Research interests

I am a historian trained in both South and Southeast Asian History. My Ph.D. dissertation is titled: “Constructing the Indian Immigrant to Colonial Burma 1885-1948.” Beyond India and Burma, my research interests relate to networks of circulation: people, commodities and ideas in the Indian Ocean region both in the early modern and the modern period. 

Before arriving at Union College, I was a Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Inter-Asia Program, Yale University (2013-14).

Academic Credentials

B.A., M.A., Delhi University; Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles