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Delta Dental of NY

Delta Dental Benefits Summary

Union offers two levels of dental insurance coverage through Delta Dental - Dental Basic or Dental Plus. Both options offer a network of participating dentists and provide coverage for Out-of-Network services. The Out-of-Network option allows you to choose dentists not participating in the Delta Dental network at an increased cost. The Dental Basic Plan has lower premiums, a higher annual deductible, a lower percentage of payment for most dental services, and does not include orthodontic coverage. Dental Plus has higher premiums, a lower annual deductible, a high percentage of payment for most dental services, and includes orthodontic coverage for adults and dependent children. Complete details of each Plan are contained in the Summary Plan Description available from the Human Resources Office.

When searching for doctors that are in-network, members can choose 3 options and "PPO, Premier and PPO plus Premier". Members will see all in-network PPO and Premier providers by picking the PPO plus Premier option, and the network status under the providers name. (Note, it is possible for a provider to participate in both the PPO and Premier network. The provider would bill under the PPO fee schedule for a Union member in this case.)

However, if the member wants to narrow their search to just PPO providers who are generally less costly for the member, they can just select the PPO option to view providers within that network.