Human Resources

Recruitment Expense Policy

To support the efforts of search committees/hiring departments, the College allows for the reimbursement of expenses related to the recruitment process. In consideration of economic pressures and to optimize efficiency, effort should be made to minimize costs when possible.

Search committees/hiring departments are expected to conduct thorough phone interviews and/or Skype/Facetime interviews with their top candidates. Top candidates are then invited for a campus visit and onsite interviews. The policy allows reimbursement for expenses, from the HR Recruitment budget, for up to three (3) job candidate campus visits per open position (upon submission of original receipts as required). Should it become necessary to bring more than three candidates to campus, whether at the search committee’s discretion, because none of the three primary candidates prove viable, or a broader field of candidates is desired, the Search Committee Chair should seek approval, from the Chief HR Officer (CHRO), to have additional costs charged to the HR Recruitment budget. Without the CHRO’s approval, any costs incurred for additional candidates will be charged to the hiring department’s budget.

Eligible Expenses and Expectations

Expenses are generally limited to meals, transportation, and/or lodging. The hiring department, in consultation with the candidate, in consideration of the candidate’s travel preferences, and based on the candidate’s itinerary, should make all of the candidate’s travel and lodging arrangements.


  • Participation at meals, by search committee/hiring department members, should be limited. The hiring department’s budget will only be reimbursed from the Human Resources recruiting budget for up to three members of the search committee/hiring department plus the job candidate. The following per meal maximum amounts, including tax and tip, also apply (Per person: $12 – breakfast, $15 – lunch, $37.50 – dinner). Expenses in excess of the stated per person per meal allowance or expenses for more than three search committee/hiring department members, will be charged to the hiring department. If possible, it is preferred that meals be offered to candidates on campus.
  • Meals had by the job candidate only, i.e. those without any employees of the College, will be reimbursed to the candidate. Candidates should be made aware of the following maximum amounts, including tax and tip, ($12 – breakfast, $15 – lunch, $25 – dinner, and $5 incidentals). Expenses in excess of the stated per meal allowance will be charged to the hiring department’s budget.


  • Personal automobiles, rental cars, trains and or buses are encouraged whenever possible and generally required for travel within a 200-mile radius from campus. Effort should be made to utilize the lowest cost mode of transportation possible. Travel by personal automobile is reimbursed at Union’s current approved mileage rate (gas, repairs, fines, etc. are not reimbursable). When submitting for reimbursement, please have the job candidate attach a driving directions report (e.g. MapQuest, Google Maps) to support mileage claim.
  • Airfare, as arranged by the hiring department, should be at the coach rate excluding any upgrades, pre boarding fees, special seating arrangement fees or additional baggage fees (beyond first bag). Air travel is generally only recommended for travel beyond a 200-mile radius from campus. When possible, reservations for airline travel should be made at least 14 days in advance. When reconciling your Union College credit card, please upload the paid passenger receipt that includes the airline, passenger name, location, date and price paid.
  • Search committees/hiring departments are encouraged to arrange for personal pick-up and return by College employees of applicants arriving by plane, train or bus. If this is not possible, the candidate should arrange for a taxi, rental car, or local car service. Transportation to and from the airport, train/bus station, hotel, and the College and any tolls/parking fees will be reimbursed at actual cost per submittal of original receipts.
  • Traffic or parking fines are not reimbursable.


  • Lodging, as arranged by the hiring department, should be scheduled so that no more than one overnight accommodation is necessary.
  • Hotel costs should be kept to a minimum and will be reimbursed at a maximum rate of $175 per night. Charges for miscellaneous items like movies, health club, etc. will be the responsibility of the candidate. Please remember to use a Union College credit card and provide the hotel with Union’s tax-exempt certificate. When reconciling your Union College credit card, please upload the paid hotel invoice.
  • A listing of accommodations can be found on the Union College website: Accommodations Listing

How to Submit Expenses

A Union College credit card should be used for all recruiting expenses, excluding any on-campus meals or candidate-direct expenses. Expenses related to recruiting should be included in an expense folder in Works with the description “Recruiting-Candidate’s Last Name and Job Title” and initially charged to the hiring department’s account number. Financial Services will make the necessary change to charge the HR recruiting budget for allowable expenses. The hiring department account will be charged for all remaining expenses. Original itemized receipts should be uploaded to the credit card transactions and submitted to Financial Services.

To reimburse a job candidate for expenses, the Hiring Department must submit a Payment Request form on behalf of the job candidate, and include original itemized receipts, documentation, and if applicable, a driving directions report (i.e. MapQuest or Google Maps). “Recruiting – Job Title” should be listed on the Description Line. Please use Object # 8563 for meals and Object # 8565 for transportation-related expenses. The hiring department’s account number should be initially charged. Financial Services will make the necessary change to charge the HR recruiting budget. A reimbursement check will be mailed directly to the job candidate. Financial Services will notify the Hiring Department should any expenses be disallowed.

Please contact for Recruiting Expense Reimbursement policy questions, for credit card reconciliation questions, and/or for payment request questions.