Human Resources

Snow Storm Closing Information

As a residential college, Union must continue to support its students regardless of inclement weather. The College, therefore, generally does not close.Union is, however, concerned with the safety of its employees, especially when dealing with challenging weather conditions. The College normally relies on each person's discretion in determining whether or not to come to work or to leave early in bad weather.

Decisions about canceling classes because of weather conditions are made by individual faculty members. Faculty members will notify students directly if they are canceling classes, usually by email. Canceled classes must be made up at a later date. The library will remain open for normal operating hours if at all possible.

In extreme weather conditions, the College may announce that administrative offices and all non-essential service areas are closed. If administrative offices and non-essential service areas are closed, an announcement to that effect will be posted on the College's web site, sent by email to the campus community, and announced to the local media. The decision to do so will be made by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. In this event, employees who are sent home or who are not required to report to work will continue to be paid. Departments providing essential services such as snow removal, dining services, and campus safety, will evaluate staffing needs to minimize the exposure of employees to hazardous driving conditions. Employees requested to remain at work by their supervisor will receive compensatory time that must be used by December 31.

In the absence of an official closing announcement, time missed at work must be charged to vacation, personal time or unpaid leave time. An employee, who reports late, but within one hour after the start of their work time, will receive pay for the full shift. Employees who report later than one hour will have to charge all missed time against either vacation, personal time or unpaid leave.