Training Library

Hard Copy Lending Resources

Human Resources, has available for loan, the following training tapes, cds and booklets. If interested in any of these materials, please call or stop by Human Resources.

  • The Art of Working with People – work books (4)
  • Assertive Communication Skills – workbook and cd set
  • Being Okay Just Isn’t Enough – The power of Self Discovery – book
  • Business Letters for Busy People - book
  • The College Administrator’s Survival Guide – book
  • Contagious Leadership – cd set
  • Continuous Performance Appraisal-Coaching is the Key – tape
  • Credibility – How Leaders Gain, and Lose It, Why People Demand It - book
  • Dealing with Conflict & Confrontation – workbook and tape
  • Documenting Discipline – workbook and cd set
  • Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics – workbook and cd set
  • Everything Matters, Ideas for Supervisors – book
  • Fish Tales – book
  • Good Endings – Managing Employee Terminations - booklet
  • Great Session Openers, Closers and Energizers - book
  • How to Build a Child’s Character – book
  • How to De-Junk Your Life – book
  • How To Manage Your Boss - cd
  • How to Work With People: Understanding Team Dynamics - book
  • How to Supervise People – workbook
  • The Human Touch Performance Appraisal – workbook and tape
  • Interview Guide for Supervisors – booklet
  • Legal and Effective Interviewing II – workbook and cd
  • Legal & Effective Progressive Discipline – workbook & cd
  • Lifescripts – What to say to get what you want in life’s toughest situations - book
  • 9 Traits of Highly Successful Teams – workbook
  • Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading Skills – workbook & cd set
  • Oby's Wisdom - book
  • Prioritize/Organize – The Art of Getting It Done - book
  • 1001 Ways to Reward Employees - book
  • 1001 Ways to Energize Employees - book
  • 1001 Ways To Take Initiative At Work - book
  • Project Management – workbook and cassette tape
  • The Power of Purpose – The Art of Living in Excellence – cd set
  • The Psychology of Achievement – workbook and cd set
  • Relationship Strategies – cd set 
  • Resilience – Teaching Children to Survive Life’s Tough Times with Skills For A Lifetime – DVD
  • To Retire or Not? Retirement Policy and Practice in Higher Education - book
  • Saving Civility - book
  • Self-Esteem & Peak Performance – cd set 
  • Start Right…Stay Right – Every Employee’s Straight-Talk Guide to Job Success
  • Style Guide For Business and Technical Communication - book
  • Surviving the Appraisal Interview – tape
  • Surviving A Layoff – booklet
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – workbook and cd set 
  • "Team Communication Tactics – workbook 
  • 21 Ways to Defuse Anger & Calm People Down – workbook and tape 
  • Your Intelligence Makeover – book

Online Resources

e4health Employee Assistance Program (formerly LifeScope)

e4health offers articles of interest, monthly bulletins, webinars on a wide range of topics, easy access to area resources,  national and area discounts,  and much more.  Webinar topics include:  eating right, tax returns, summer planning for children, importance of having a will, communicating, college transition, bullying and social media, health and many more.    To access the e4health resources please go to:

Username:  Union College
Password:  guest is a leader in the industry of online learning.  Their library contains over 4200 course offerings in business, software, technology and creative skills; offering participants the skills desired to achieve professional and personal goals.   Topics include:  Microsoft products (Excel, Office, PowerPoint etc.), Google, Apple products, time management, communication, photography and many more.  The length of each program varies depending on the topic.  In order to access you must have a Union College email address.  If you do not, either email the ITS Help Desk at or call them at (518) 388-6400 to establish a Union College email address. To access go to: and they will provide you with the instructions to register.