Human Resources

Union College Dress Code Policy

Union College Dress Code Policy
(June 2021)

Union College strives to maintain a professional atmosphere that is conducive to the higher-education environment, projects an image of professionalism and simultaneously offers our employees flexibility. Employees are relied upon to exercise common sense and good judgment regarding their clothing and appearance in the workplace and to dress in a manner that is consistent with the job that they perform. Employees should be professional and neatly groomed, and clothes should be clean and in good repair. While business casual is the norm, from time to time, employees may be required to dress in more formal business attire for certain functions or meetings. If you are unsure if an item of clothing is unacceptable, it is best to either choose a different item of clothing or inquire with your supervisor.

Business-casual wear encompasses many looks, but it really means casual clothing that is appropriate for a professional environment. It is clothing that allows you to be comfortable at work, yet always look neat and professional. Employees should consider each day’s activities when determining what to wear.

Certain staff members may be required to meet special dress, grooming and hygiene standards, such as wearing uniforms or protective clothing, depending on the nature of their job. Where necessary, uniforms or protective clothing will be provided by the College to the employee. In addition, more casual clothing may be appropriate for certain roles, such as in the athletics or student affairs area depending upon the day or event.

At the discretion of the department head, in special circumstances, such as during unusually hot or cold weather or during special events, staff members may be permitted to dress in a more casual fashion than is normally required. On these occasions, staff members are still expected to present a neat appearance and are not permitted to wear ripped, frayed or disheveled clothing. Likewise, tight, revealing or otherwise workplace-inappropriate dress containing offensive text or graphics is not permitted. Athletic wear may be appropriate based upon the employee’s position on campus.

Any employee that requires a reasonable accommodation to this dress and grooming code for reasons based on religion, disability or other grounds protected by federal, state or local laws should contact his/her manager or Human Resources.