Information Technology Services

Department Liaisons

Liaisons serve as extremely important resources in the delivery of information services to an administrative office. Some of their most important roles include:

  • acquiring computer accounts for staff in the office
  • serving as the primary communication link between their office and ITS
  • identifying, prioritizing, and communicating the office's information needs for services
  • serving as a problem solving resource on day-to-day issues
  • serving as an information resource, and point of contact, to staff from other offices
  • serving as leader and coordinator in their office during system upgrades, conversions, etc.

Following is a list of our administrative offices, their respective liaison, and ITS contact:

Department Liaison ITS Contact
Academic Affairs Greta Donato Deborah Coyle
Academic Opportunity Program Amarillis Francis Deborah Coyle
Admissions David Glasser Paul Vinette
Alumni & Parent Engagement Rhonda Engvold Jim Meyer
Annual Giving Jennifer Tys Laurie Romanski
Athletics Jim McLaughlin Deborah Coyle
Becker Career Center Christine Angley Laurie Romanski
Bookstore Tim Porter Jim Meyer
Campus Diversity & Inclusion Gretchel Hathaway Jim Meyer
Campus Safety Janice Underwood Jim Meyer
Central Mail Service Paul DeBiase Jim Meyer
Central Scheduling Mary D'Amelia Paul Vinette
Communications Ken George Mina Evtimova-Rios
Copy Center Paul DeBiase Jim Meyer
Counseling Center Marcus Hotaling Paul Vinette
Dean of Acad Depts Carol Cichy Paul Vinette
Dean of Students Trish Vanderhoof Paul Vinette
Dean of Studies Ruth Cotter Paul Vinette
Dean of the Faculty Emily Tong Steve Romanski
Dining Services Wayne Archambault Jim Meyer
Env Health and Safety Michael Hilton Jim Meyer
Facilities Services Patricia van Leeuwen Jim Meyer
Finance Ryan Donelan Laurie Romanski
Financial Aid Meredith Tower Paul Vinette
Fraternity & Sorority Life Amanda Bingel Laurie Romanski
Gift Planning Linda Newcomb Laurie Romanski
Health Professions Rhona Beaton Paul Vinette
Health Services Angela Stefanatos Laurie Romanski
Human Resources Jennifer Blessing Jim Meyer
Institutional Research Len Schlegel Deborah Coyle
International Programs Ginny Casper Deborah Coyle
Kenney Community Center Angela Tatem Paul Vinette
Library David Fuller William Callanan
Mandeville Gallery Julie Lohnes Jim Meyer
Minerva Programs Tom McEvoy Laurie Romanski
President's Office Bobbi Nelson Steve Romanski
Purchasing Jessica Hopper Laurie Romanski
Records Kathy McCann Laurie Romanski
Registrar Penny Adey Jim Meyer
Religious & Spiritual Life Bonnie Cramer Jim Meyer
Research Mary Thackeray Jim Meyer
Residential Life Amanda Bingel Laurie Romanski
Sponsored Programs & Institutional Grants Mercedes Susi Paul Vinette
Student Activities Matt Milless Jim Meyer
Telecommunications Diane McNamara Laurie Romanski
UCALL Valerie D'Amario Jim Meyer
VP of College Relations Kathy Newell Paul Vinette