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Ensemble Video

Ensemble is a web based multimedia content management system that enables efficient, coordinated, and collaborative rich media management across multiple departments and users-within an organization or across a consortia. Ensemble is flexible and integrates well with a wide range of complementary video and Web technologies.

Why Use Ensemble?

There are many benefits to uploading your files on Ensemble. Here are a few of the many benefits.

  • No pesky commercials or ads like youtube and vevo.
  • Securely upload and control accessibility. You can decide to allow links to be downloadable and it is easily integrated with your LMS of choice.
  • You have onsite local help for tutorials and issues.
  • You can easily share with all the schools in the NY6 consortium.

What is Ensemble at Union College?

Our Ensemble system is a part of the New York Six MediaShare Project and is an innovative way to have a living library of audio/video. Ensemble is a good tool for those that have heavy needs in offering an on demand audio/visual player for a class or the Union community without having to deal with ads or consumer licenses that exist on other sites.

What can Ensemble do?

Ensemble simplifies rich media publishing, management and streaming from one system. You can publish one file, or you can publish a playlist. Ensemble helps you publish and stream videos to:

  • Nexus
  • Muse
  • web pages
  • iPads
  • and more...

Request an account:

An Ensemble account can be requested by an Union College staff member, administrator or faculty member. To request an account please send an email to with the following information:

  • Full Name:
  • Department:
  • Phone:
  • Departmental or Individual use?
  • Frequency of use? One time, One Term or Ongoing
  • Brief description of how you plan to use Ensemble Video
  • Would you prefer to get trained on using the software?


LTE has created documentation to help guide you in using Ensemble Video here at Union College. For more in-depth information the resources section provided by the vendor has some additional video tutorials and “help” sheets on a variety of topics.