International Programs

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates for International Programs

Frequently Asked Questions for 22-23 Programs

  • Can I make an appointment to speak with someone at International Programs?

    Yes. You may either email or call at (518) 388-6002.

  • Will my program run?

    Due to the pandemic, we continue to monitor our study abroad programs and cannot guarantee that the programs will run. The situation, which changes daily, is difficult to predict and will continue to change in the coming months. However, we will keep you informed of any and all changes as they arise. We have successfully run many of our abroad programs since fall 2021. Union’s decision to offer 2022-23 programming is subject to change based on health, safety, and travel assessments.

  • Should I book my flight and apply for my visa for my study abroad program?

    If the program is interrupted or cut short, Union College is unable to reimburse airfare. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you:

    • Purchase airfare with no connections (okay within the US), instead landing directly in your host country, if possible
    • Consider fully refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance ("cancel for any reason" coverage)
    • If a visa is required, move forward with gathering the required documentation.

  • Should I take part in course registration?

    Pre-COVID, students would not need to register for on campus courses because they are studying abroad, and the International Programs offices works with the Registrar to enroll you in your study abroad courses.

    However, because of the uncertainties brought on by COVID, we direct you to petition and register for on campus courses at Union. This is a precautionary measure that we are taking to ensure that your academic needs are met, whether you end up studying abroad or on campus at Union.

    Please note that, because we had to ensure that the faculty leaders for your programs also had courses to teach at Union should the abroad programs become non-viable, you will see them listed as teaching courses at Union. Do not assume because you see them listed as teaching courses at Union that your programs abroad are canceled. If programs are to be canceled, the official announcement will come from International Programs.

    If you have any questions about registration, please contact your academic advisor, with whom you’ll be connecting in order to discuss courses and have your advising holds removed.

  • What will happen to my housing if my program doesn't run?

    Students who typically study abroad are not eligible to participate in the housing lottery (Apartment and General). Due to COVID-19, we understand that study abroad programs may or may not occur. We recognize the uncertainty has put students in unusual positions of not being able to make concrete plans.

    Because of this, students will be able to select housing each term as normally occurs, and Residential Life will cancel that assignment once the program is confirmed. Please note, this is an exception we are granting due to the circumstances with COVID and its impact on term abroad. There is no guarantee the space will be available, but Residential Life will make every effort to place students back where they selected when they return if your term abroad program does not get canceled.

    If you are a Greek Student, you can put your chapter on the housing roster. Your house manager and chapter leadership is aware of this change and will be in touch with you regarding housing.

  • I need to renew my passport. What should I do?

    In normal times, it takes 6-8 weeks to obtain a passport, once you have applied. Available services depend upon the facility location. Please visit for more information and have your materials ready to apply.

  • Will there be pre-departure meetings for my study abroad program?

    Yes.We will plan these meetings and you will be informed of the dates and times. Most of them will take place during the term prior to the term your program runs.

  • Will I be charged a withdrawal fee if I decide not to participate in a program?

    As of right now, you will not be charged the $350 fee that is normally charged from up to 60 days before the program start date. Students withdrawing after the start date of the program will be liable for a withdrawal fee. Please note that if our office cancels any program, at any time, withdrawal fees do not apply!!