The library owns a collection of over a million print and electronic books and subscribes to more than 12,000 journals, the majority of which are available electronically. Tens of millions of documents owned by the library can be found and accessed through Summon Search. The Library expands users access to information resources by joining several organizations, consortia and cooperative projects including the Center for Research Libraries, and Eastern Academic Scholars' Trust.

The Collections of Schaffer Library are acquired and maintained to support and enhance the curricular programs of the College. The collections present information in a variety of formats and modes: print books and journals, manuscripts and archival collections, audio CDs, videos and DVDs, microforms and electronic databases, streaming media, e-journals and e-texts. Over 1 million print and electronic volumes and more than 12,000 current print and electronic serial titles help to meet student needs for curricular materials. 

Schaffer Library's collections include a number of cultural and recreational titles that may fall outside strict disciplinary bounds. These materials are included in the belief that they contribute to a student's ability to achieve breadth of learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity. The Current Reading Collection is shelved in the Lally Periodical Room, with some 150 contemporary novels and non-fiction titles. These titles are integrated into the Library's permanent collections and new titles are added on a regular basis. A variety of popular and documentary videos and DVDs, music CDs and files, electronic newspapers, and graphic novels are also acquired in support of campus activities and user interests, and these materials can be found throughout the circulating and online collections.

In addition to the general collection, the library has several fine special collections that provide opportunities for enhanced scholarship and an enriched classroom experience, and independent study projects. Some of these collections can be found on our Special Collections website