• Sarah Adams

    Sarah Adams

    Weekend Reference Librarian

    388-6281 Email
    Research Services

  • Leslee Barkley

    Leslee Barkley

    Administrative Assistant / Office Manager

    388-6277 Email

  • Anna Biasiucci

    Anna Biasiucci

    Acquisitions Accounting Specialist

    388-6639 Email

  • Donna Burton

    Donna Burton

    Reference Information Coordinator / Government Documents Librarian

    388-6635 Email
    Research Services,
    Government Docs
  • Lindsay Bush

    Lindsay Bush

    Instructional Services Librarian

    388-6612 Email
    Research Services

  • Marlaine DesChamps

    Marlaine DesChamps

    Archives Specialist

    388-6620 Email
    Special Collections & Archives

  • Krista Eason

    Krista Eason

    Continuing Resources Specialist

    388-6637 Email

  • Mary Eiffe

    Mary Eiffe

    Circulation Department Manager

    388-6627 Email

  • Rebecca Fried

    Rebecca Fried

    Metadata and Digital Services Specialist

    388-6625 Email
    Digital Services
  • David Fuller

    David Fuller

    Data Services Librarian

    388-6621 Email
    Data Services

  • Gail Golderman

    Gail Golderman

    Digital Scholarship & Services Librarian

    388-6624 Email
    Digital Services

  • Matthew Golebiewski

    Matthew Golebiewski

    Digitization & Metadata Specialist

    388-7019 Email
    Digital Services

  • Jennifer Goodwin

    Jennifer Goodwin

    Web Developer

    388-6063 Email
    Digital Services

  • Sarah Kirby

    Sarah Kirby

    Art Collections & Exhibition Fellow

    388-6807 Email
    Mandeville Gallery

  • Peter Koonz

    Peter Koonz

    Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian

    388-6689 Email
    Collection & Technical Services

  • Annette LeClair

    Annette LeClair

    Director of Collection and Technical Services

    388-6631 Email
    Collection & Technical Services

  • Daniel Logan

    Daniel Logan

    Reference and Instruction Librarian

    388-6613 Email
    Research Services

  • Julie Lohnes

    Julie Lohnes

    Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions

    388-8360 Email
    Mandeville Gallery
    UC Permanent Collections
  • Frances Maloy

    Frances Maloy

    College Librarian

    388-6739 Email
    Library Director

  • Carol McGlauflin

    Carol McGlauflin

    Catalog Services Specialist

    388-6718 Email

  • Daniel Michelson

    Daniel Michelson

    Historical Records Project Archivist

    388-6678 Email
    Special Collections & Archives

  • Diana Mirabile

    Diana Mirabile

    Acquisitions Specialist

    388-6294 Email

  • Sarah  Mottalini

    Sarah Mottalini

    Curatorial Assistant of Art Collections & Exhibitions

    388-6318 Email
    Mandeville Gallery
    UC Permanent Collections
  • John Myers

    John Myers

    Catalog & Metadata Librarian

    388-6623 Email

  • Jason Nistico

    Jason Nistico

    Circulation Supervisor

    388-6431 Email

  • Brooke Quandt

    Brooke Quandt

    Shelving Supervisor

    388-6629 Email

  • Robyn Reed

    Robyn Reed

    Head of Access Services Librarian

    388-6279 Email

  • Gordon Rood

    Gordon Rood

    ILL Library Specialist

    388-6282 Email
    Inter-Library Loan

  • Courtney Seymour

    Courtney Seymour

    Head of Research Services / Collaboration, Outreach Initiatives Librarian

    388-6632 Email
    Research Services

  • India Spartz

    India Spartz

    Head of Special Collections & Archives

    388-6616 Email
    Special Collections & Archives

  • Heather Wells

    Heather Wells

    Late Night Circulation Supervisor

    388-6280 Email

  • Raik Zaghloul

    Raik Zaghloul

    Head of Collection Development

    388-6614 Email
    Collection Development