Sarah Oswald

Title: Archives and Special Collections Librarian
Phone: 388-6871

Sarah Oswald is the Archives and Special Collections Librarian and is responsible for the College's institutional records and assisting with the Adirondack Research Library's archival collections. Sarah's role includes helping to make the special collections and archives available for teaching and learning through digital initiatives, campus exhibits, instruction and outreach to faculty, students and researchers.

Sarah started working at Union in December 2016, after working at the Nantucket Historical Association as Library and Archives Manager. She earned her bachelor’s degrees in History and Religious Studies, with a minor in Classics, from the University of South Florida, Tampa in 2009. Additionally, she has master’s degrees in Information Science from the University of Michigan and Museum Studies from New York University.

Sarah moved to New York in 2016 and in her spare time enjoys reading, scary movies, music, and hanging out with her husband Mitch.

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