CLIR Adirondacks

Explore themes and material available for research in the John S. Apperson Jr. Papers and the Paul Schaefer Collection held at the Adirondack Research Library of the Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College, on long-term loan from PROTECT! the Adirondacks.

View the interactive index to over 20,000 letters in the John Bigelow Collection housed in the Special Collections Department of Schaffer Library, Union College.
Union College Postcards

A digital collection of approximately one-hundred postcards primarily portraying Jewish women, children and families dating back to the early 20th Century.

Postcards of the campus, its vicinity, artifacts, individuals, events, activities, and sites and scenes associated with the College, Schenectady and surrounding areas.
Union College Concordiensis

Browse through publications of Union College's newspaper from selected years.

"The product of ten years of archival research by Wayne Somers '61 and fifty-four other contributors, the Encyclopdedia of Union College History presents the most comprehensive study ever attempted of the College's past, from the grassroots movement responsible for its founding in 1795 to the close of the John Morris administration in 1990."
Adirondack Journal

Union College and the Adirondack Research Consortium have partnered to publish The Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies (AJES).

An ongoing exhibit celebrating the great men and women who have studied and worked at Union College from its founding in 1795 to the present day.
Schaffer Library Exhibits

Features a variety of projects that Schaffer Library has undertaken to make materials held in the College Archives available online.

Explore an interactive map of Union campus as Mrs. Perkins knew it, read selected biographies & more.

View this digital collection of Union College architectural plans which includes Schaffer Library and the Nott Memorial, drawn by Joseph Jacques Ramée in 1813.