Artist Books

For the past decade the Special Collections and Archives department has been actively collecting artists’ books.  Artists’ books are loosely defined as works of art expressed in book form.  Sometimes the structure of the object is not at all book-like but the piece is still concerned with book-related issues such as integration of text and image, sequence of text and images, and shape.  The edition is usually very small, often fewer than 50 copies.  Some artists’ books are produced using manual techniques such as hand setting type.  Others may incorporate inkjet or laser generated typography.  The best way to search for these objects in the Library’s online catalogue is to enter the phrase “artists’ books” in the query box on the Library’s homepage and perform a keyword search and limit the search to Special Collections.  This type of search will produce titles about artists’ books as well as actual artists’ books held in the collection.


Click on the thumbnails below to uncover more information and photos about each book in our Artist Book collection. 


An Alliterative Abecedarium of Anthropomorphic Animals  The Train Game  Meadow Rock  Ten Reflection on Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies