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FallNott Memorial 2014T

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Retirement reinvented: Writing the next chapter

Alumni and friends share their stories of “rebirth” after retirement. From a civil engineer turned wilderness photographer to a securities trader turned yoga instructor, these individuals prove once again that Union folks are nothing if not enterprising, curious and adaptable. Retirement, for them, has been a reinvention of self and life.


Behind the great leader: The story of Urania Nott

With Eliphalet Nott's health failing, the president’s decisions were communicated almost exclusively through his wife and mentor, herself a proven administrator and pioneer of women's education.


The internship: Key to after-college success

GPAs and extracurriculars aside, it seems that little matters more these days to a student’s post-collegiate prospects than an internship. Union students, alumni and staff know this all too well, and are doing everything in their power to take advantage of the benefits of internships.