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WinterNott Memorial 2017

Fighting for Romeo and Juliet

Shauntai Quinlon ’17 and Matt Mintz ’18 rehearse a fight scene between the ever-waring Capulet and Montague families

ach year William Finlay, professor/ chair of the Theatre and Dance and director of the Yulman Theater, teaches a class that trains students in the art of stage fighting. In it, actors learn to use weapons on stage as well as un-armed combat. Most professional actors are trained in stage fighting and many are actually certified by the governing union, The American Society of Stage Fight Directors. In one of the photos below, taken in May, students are learning 17th century rapier in preparation for the fall production of a very contemporary version of “Romeo and Juliet.” The play, which hit the Yulman stage in November, is set in a post-apocalyptic world with overtones of the movie “Mad Max.” The cast included Etienne-Marcel Giannelli ’20 (Romeo), Matt Mintz ’18 (Benvolio), Angelica Rivera ’18 (Balthasar/apothecary), Jose Dolores ’20 (Lord Montague),Emily Alston ’19 (Lady Montague), Emma Youmans ’20 (Juliet), Shauntai Quinlon ’17 (Tybalt), David Thai ’17 (Sampson), Michael Doherty ’17 (Gregory), Zach Baum ’18 (Lord Capulet), Abigail Lehner ’18 (Lady Capulet), Ariella Honig ’17 (Nurse), James Basuk ’17 (Mercutio), T.J. Moor ’16 (County Paris), Jamal Aram ’17 (Prince Escalus), Cassie Padilla ’17 (Friar Lawrence), Andrés Marmelo ’20 (Friar John).

Ariella Honig ’17 and Etienne-Marcel Giannelli ’20 rehearse a scene

Professor William Finlay teaches students 17th century rapier

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