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WinterNott Memorial 2018
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David R. Harris, the 19th president of Union College.

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David Harris introduced as Union’s 19th president

David R. Harris, a sociologist with a distinguished record as an innovative teacher, scholar and administrator, has been named the 19th president of the College.


A decade of global impact: Minvera Fellows program is 10

In July 2008, Union sent its first Minerva Fellows out into the world to instill in recent graduates an entrepreneurial approach to addressing social problems and a lasting commitment to the poor in developing countries, and to inspire current students to do the same. This hope has been made reality—again and again.


The incredible (and mostly forgotten) ordeal of Herman C. Kluge

One of the leaders of American-commanded guerilla units in northern Luzon during World War II, Captain Herman C. Kluge, Class of 1905, surrendered to the Japanese when they threatened to slaughter a Filipino village if he didn't come out of hiding. His fate remains unclear—but he was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery and leadership.


Hard-earned path from Malawi to Union

Walani Ndhlovu ’20 is a graduate of Mzuzu Academy, a school in Malawi supported by Maloto, an organization that feeds, educates and empowers children and families in Malawi. The Times Union newspaper recently spoke with him about his journey.