Mathematics Department

Calculus Course Information

Students at Union who take calculus are placed into one of the following tracks of courses. Upon completing Tracks 1, 2, or 3, students may continue with Track 4 depending on interests and major/minor requirements.

Single variable calculus
Track 1 A two-term single variable calculus sequence consisting of one
course in differential calculus and one course in integral calculus.
Track 2 An accelerated version of Track 1, reviewing the majority
of the content of MTH-110 and MTH-112 in one term.
Track 3 A three-term version of Track 1, in which the content of MTH-110
and MTH-112 is supplemented with additional precalculus material.
Multivariable calculus
Track 4 A two-term multivariable calculus sequence, consisting of a
course in differential multivariable calculus and some matrix
theory, followed by a course in integral multivariable calculus.
MTH-115 OR MTH-115H
Track 5 A two-term, four-course integrated math-physics sequence
covering the material of MTH-115, 117 and PHY-120, 121, by invitation only.


Below are the titles of Union’s calculus courses and the terms in which they are typically offered:

  • MTH 100 – Calculus with Precalculus 1 (Fall)
  • MTH 101 – Calculus with Precalculus 2 (Winter)
  • MTH 102 – Calculus with Precalculus 3 (Spring)
  • MTH 110 – Calculus 1: Differential Calculus (Fall and Winter)
  • MTH 112 – Calculus 2: Integral Calculus (Winter and Spring)
  • MTH 113 – Accelerated Single-Variable Calculus (Fall term)
  • MTH 115 – Calculus 3: Differential Vector Calculus and Matrix Theory (Fall, Winter, and Spring)
  • MTH 115H – Calculus 3: Differential Vector Calculus and Matrix Theory, Enriched (Fall, by invitation only)
  • MTH 117 – Calculus 4: Integral Vector Calculus (Fall, Winter, and Spring)
  • IMP 120–121 – Integrated Math/Physics 1 and 2 (Winter and Spring term course sequence, by invitation only)