Job Title
Professor of Mathematics
Davide P. Cervone Head Shot
Office Location
Bailey Hall
Ph.D., Brown University
B.A., Williams College
Special Interests
My mathematical research centers around polyhedral geometry in three and four dimensions. I have studied immersed surfaces in space that have the fewest possible vertices, and surfaces that have a special cutting property called “tightness”, where any plane will divide the surface into at most two pieces. My most significant result represents one of the few cases in low dimensions where the polyhedral theory differs in a significant way from the smooth case. Much of my work involves computer software that I have developed, and I contribute to a number of open source projects, including MathJax (for displaying math notation on the web) and WeBWorK (an on-line homework system used at Union). I have been active in exploring how to communicate mathematics in new ways since the earliest days of the internet.