Job Title
William D. Williams Professor of Mathematics
William S. Zwicker Head Shot
Office Location
Bailey Hall
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A.B., Harvard University
Special Interests
My early research was in combinatorial set theory, especially large cardinals and ideals and filters on Pκλ. Today, I work on applications of mathematics to the social sciences: voting and social choice, fair division, and cooperative game theory. I’ve enjoyed co-authoring papers with mathematicians, political scientists, economists, and undergraduates from Canada, Catalonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Venezuela, and the U.S. I’m on the editorial board of Mathematical Social Sciences and co-author, with Alan D. Taylor, of the monograph Simple Games (Princeton, 1999). I’m most attracted to fundamental issues in the social sciences that lead to questions of independent combinatorial or geometric interest. For a taste, try our online interactive rubber band voting simulator (with Davide Cervone).