Minerva Programs

Intellectual Enrichment Grant

IEG grants are awarded to proposals aimed at enhancing our student's intellectual experience outside the classroom. Many types of events and opportunities can be funded through IEG and all members of the campus community are invited to apply. Proposals should focus on creating significant experiences with academic, intellectual, or cultural merit. Purely social events with no intellectual/academic/cultural aspects will not be considered. The maximum IEG grant is $1,000 per experience and typically no more than $25 per person.

Contact: IEG@union.edu

Intellectual Enrichment Grant sample proposal

COVID-19 Guidelines as they relate to IEG Grants

  • All IEG grant proposals must follow the College COVID-19 policy agreement.
  • IEG grant proposals should also be in alignment with Academic Affairs policy related to restrictions on students leaving campus for academic purposes.
  • Program attendance should not exceed 25 people (including program organizers) or the college stated COVID-19 maximum capacity for a space (posted in all rooms on campus).
  • No external guests are permitted to attend a program on campus. The only exception is an invited presenter/vendor who must be approved in advance via this online form.
  • Food offerings must be distributed in a "boxed-lunch" style where all components of a person's food is contained in one box. All food must be ordered through UC Hospitality.


Meeting Dates

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the IEG committee will meet on an as-needed basis as proposals are submitted. Requests must be received and approved BEFORE the date of the event in order to be considered.

Tips for increasing your chances of getting approved for an Intellectual Enrichment Grant:

  • Be as thorough as possible! Include specific details - if it is for a class, include the name of the course, how many students are in it and how what you are proposing connects to the intellectual aspects of the course work. For your budget, please break it down as much as possible.
  • Plan out your event in detail and submit an application well in advance of the actual date the event is happening – the better thought out and detailed your proposal is, the more likely you are to receive funding.
  • Articulate (in great detail) the ways in which your proposed idea is intellectually enriching for students outside of the classroom. This is the most important detail upon which we base our funding.
  • If you have been approved for a grant in the past please submit a new proposal and include all relevant information as if the committee has never heard of your past proposal. Our committee members change from year to year and aren't always aware of what has been done or approved in the past.
  • Apply to and investigate other sources of funding i.e. Student Activities, Student Clubs, Minervas, UNITAS, Residential Life, et cetera.

Tips for making your event a great success:

  • Work with Student Activities and the Office of Residential Life – they often have contacts and ways to increase cost effectiveness of the program.
  • Plan your event several weeks in advance – to give yourself time to advertise and obtain necessary funding.
  • Work with Dean of Students’ office and other sponsoring partners to plan event.

Types of disbursements:

Dining Services – In order to book your event with Dining Services, you must receive a quote to attach to your proposal and provide Dining Services with the IEG number given with approval for IEG funding.

Transfer of Funds – You can submit an account number to the office of the Dean of Students and funds will be transferred. Stipulations regarding this form of disbursement require that exact amounts can be provided and receipts obtained.

Credit Cards – Credit cards will be available for students to use in paying for the necessary expenditures necessary for successful completion of the event. All original receipts and credit cards must be returned 24hours after receiving them.

What we fund:

  • Dinners with faculty and students outside class (Up to $15 per head on campus, and $25 per head off campus)
  • Receptions for speakers
  • Academic & culturally enriching trips
  • Movies/ theaters that include discussions
  • Refreshments for exhibitions/discussion groups

What we DON'T fund:

  • Speaker fees/honorariums
  • Community work/community outreach
  • Conference registration
  • Seed money for ongoing projects
  • Events that have already taken place - your request must be approved BEFORE your event takes place
  • Group celebrations (specifically end of year) lacking an intellectual component
  • Mandatory trips/events; events that include mandatory class meetings
  • Student projects for class
  • IEG will only fund student-led programs outside the Capital Region if the proposal contains significant academic or intellectual merit, there is comparable option locally, and if a faculty or staff member is involved in the planning, organization, and execution of the trip. The faculty or staff member must physically accompany the students on the excursion for various liability concerns when school funding is utilized for transportation. If these criteria are met, IEG will only fund up to $25 dollars per head, or up to a total of $1000 for trips.
  • IEG will only fund requests from student club/organizations/offices which are open and inclusive of the entire student/faculty community.
  • Requests to fund the purchase of clothing and/or apparel
  • Requests to fund alcohol