Minerva Programs

Minerva House lottery FAQs

Who reviews the applications?

The Faculty Representative and Student Representative from each house review their respective house's applications.

How are the numbers assigned?

All applications will be ranked out of 10 total points. Points will be acquired through three different areas:

1. Class Year - (Scored 1-3) Rising sophomores get 1, rising juniors get 2, rising seniors get 3.

2. Application - (Scored 0-4) Scored by the Faculty Representative and the Student Representative of the house you are applying to.

3. Involvement (Scored 0-4) Scored by the Faculty Representative, Student Representative and Council Chairs of the house you are applying to.

This is based on your answer to the last question on the application regarding the number of events you have gone to or what you have gotten involved with within the house. Once all applications are given a point total they will then be randomized within each point total. For example, all the 10s will be randomized, followed by all the 9s, then 8s, and so on. This means that class year is only a small factor in what your housing selection number will be - sophomores could be choosing before seniors. The real emphasis is on your application and your involvement in the house.

If I apply to live in a double, do I actually have to live in one?

When it is time for you to choose your space, you are able to choose from whatever is available.

They ran out of singles in my house. What do I do?

If there are doubles left, you can opt to live in one of those. Keep in mind that you will likely have a random roommate assigned to you.

My Minerva ran out of rooms before my number was called. What do I do now?

Each student will also get a "run-off" number that will be used if at the end of the selection there are remaining rooms. We assign remaining (in any Minerva - doesn't have to be yours!) according to this number if you stay after the main event. Don't leave!

How are "run-off" numbers assigned?

The "run-off" numbers are first separated by class year. Within each class year, the numbers are completely randomized. Run off begins with rising seniors, then juniors, and lastly sophomores.

My Minerva has filled up, and I still want to live in a Minerva. What should I do?

Even if your house fills up, you can potentially get a room in a different Minerva through the run off. Stay after the main event to try and get a room through the "run off" lottery!

I don't like the room options that are left in my Minerva. Can I just wait until the "runoff" to see if there are better options?

No. If your number is called and a room is available, you must choose from the remaining rooms.

I forgot my lottery number. Where do I get it?

Lottery numbers will be posted on the Minerva Programs Office door until the lottery. If you have questions, please see/contact Laura Munkres (munkresl@union.edu).

I've been assigned a lottery number. Can I give it to someone else to use?

No. Only you can use your lottery number.

I've been assigned a lottery number. Do I have to use it?

No, you do not have to use it. If you do not use it on the day of lottery you forgo your opportunity to choose a space in a Minerva and will be put into the general lottery pool (for CPH & Davidson & Webster).

How does the actual lottery work?

Each Minerva will have an area for the students who have been assigned lottery numbers. Council Members/volunteers will call out lottery numbers one by one. When your number is called, you will go up to the table and choose your room

Once I choose a room can I switch to another room on campus?

No. Once you have chosen your room you are required to live in that room for the following fall and will be removed from all other (apartment and general) lottery processes.

I'm going abroad in the fall. Can I still choose a room?

No. Students who are abroad for the Fall term are not eligible to select housing and will work with Residential Life to be placed upon their return to campus.

I am supposed to live in a Theme House or Greek House but I'd prefer to live in a Minerva. Can I participate in the Minerva Housing Lottery?

No. The Theme House and Greek House rosters are set before the Minerva Housing Lottery. If you were already assigned to a Theme or Greek space and end up choosing a space in a Minerva, your Minerva Housing assignment will be canceled.