Department of Music


Music Course Catalog

Professional musicians are available to teach individual music lessons in voice, keyboard, wind, string, brass, fretted, and percussion instruments. Lessons are offered at a cost of $500 per term. Scholarships are available by application to music majors, IDs, and minors to offset the cost of lessons. For registration information, please see Conrad Chu..

The following is a list of instructors who have taught individual music lessons at Union in the last several years. Students interested in studying an instrument which is not listed below, please see Conrad Chu .


Dianne McMullen (organ)
Timothy Dunne (piano)
Robert Thomas (piano)
Tim Olsen (jazz piano)
Elizabeth McFarland (piano)
Lyndon Walters (keyboard)


Corine Salon
Conrad Chu
Lyndon Walters (Gospel choir)


Peter Bellino (classical trumpet)
Tom Gerbino (clarinet)
Michelle McLoughlin (bassoon)
Norman Thibodeau (flute)
Eric Walentowicz (jazz saxophone)


Ann Marie Schwartz (violin)
Paula Shaw (viola)
Harry George Pellegrin (acoustic)
Ray Jung (electric/bass/theory)
Maria Zemantauski (flamenco guitar)
Patrick O’Connell (double bass)
Mike Otis (mandolin)
Tom Wadsworth (mandolin)
George Ward (fiddle)
Andre Laurent O’Neil, (cello)


Pete Sweeney (drum set)
Lyndon Walters (drums)