8×8: Leaps of Faith: 8 Stories about Cultivating Complex Thinkers for a Messy World

8 by 8 event
April 24, 2019 4:00 PM–6:00 PM

This capstone event will highlight and celebrate the progress at Union of reinvigorating the culture of teaching and learning over the lifecycle of the Mellon Our Shared Humanities grant.

Over the past five years, 64 faculty have participated in a one week summer faculty development institute, whose goal is to help faculty effectively implement new instructional technologies, evidence-based instructional design methods, and student-centered teaching strategies.

Speakers at the event include FDI participants:

  • Matt Anderson, visiting assistant professor of computer science
  • Deidre Hill Butler, associate professor of sociology
  • Jeff Corbin, professor of biology
  • Lorraine Cox, associate professor of art history
  • Barbara Danowski, professor of biology
  • Kara Doyle, associate professor of English
  • Megan Ferry, professor of Chinese and Asian Studies
  • Joe Johnson, director of Writing Programs
  • Nicole Theodosiou, associate professor of biochemistry
  • Joy Wang, associate professor of mathematics


O'Brien 117