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UC Dance Department MASTERCLASS: 10 Hairy Legs

10 Hairy Legs Dance Co.
Photo Credit: Mike Esperanza
October 7, 2019 1:55 PM–3:25 PM

Randy James, Artistic Director
Elizabeth Shaff Sobo, Executive Director
Alex Biegelson, Associate Artistic Director

About 10 Hairy Legs
10 Hairy Legs, a male repertory company, provides a lens to
experience the broad spectrum of dance. Widely acclaimed for its
aggressive commissioning of new works and curation of master
works, we have served more than 85,000 patrons, students, artists
and educators since our founding in 2012, nationally and
internationally. Dance Education is an important part of our
mission and we provide a wide range of programs for all ages
exemplifying the many facets of maleness expressed through
dance to more than 2,500 students and educators each year.

… by far, the best American male modern dancers one
could have the good fortune of seeing these days … gotta
hand it to them: 10 Hairy Legs shows what modern
dance should be …
— Demetrius Klein, Palm Beach
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