Trojan Women
May 22, 2021 8:00 PM–9:30 PM

The Trojan Women
by Euripides
Translation by Amlin Gray
Directed by Randy Wyatt

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The fall of Troy comes alive outside in the Union College Jackson’s Garden
through a site-specific production of THE TROJAN WOMEN by Euripides, mounted by the
Theatre and Dance Department. The first in-person production since quarantining for the
department will perform for a limited audience Thursday through Sunday evenings, May
20th-23rd, at 8pm.
The Greek tragedy depicts the last few moments of the destruction of the great ancient city of
Troy, having fallen to Greek forces after the legendary Trojan horse deception. Queen Hecuba
uncovers the final mysteries of the war through four episodes, involving her daughter
Cassandra, Apollo's acolyte cursed with prophecy, her daughter-in-law Andromache and her
infant son, and the infamous Helen of Troy, whom Hecuba blames for everything.
Director and Department Chair Randy Wyatt believes this is a singular time in contemporary
history to mount this particular work. “It’s a play about an empire crumbling. After the
tumultuous events of the past year and a half, it feels like this play has a lot of startling
resonance for our audience. I’m fascinated to see how a live audience experiences theatre
outside after all of this.”
Students involved have a lot to say about being back on stage after all this time. Sophomore
Ginde Baker, who plays Hecuba Queen of Troy, said “I think it’s incredible that we’ve been able to
adapt in-person theater to the pandemic in such a unique way. I am excited for audience members
to experience the show outdoors with all of the natural elements like the sunset and the stream. It
makes it feel so real.”
Senior Theatre major Erick Miron, playing Menaleus, is also glad to return to the stage. “Being able
to be back performing with everyone has been so refreshing. Rehearsals were so therapeutic
because they gave the cast a space to thrive off of each other's energy. The bonding that goes
into putting a show together is super unique.” Erick has been in several productions over the
last few years. He adds:
This isn't just specific to this production. However, something I'm realizing is that the cast
and crew for shows at Union have recently been increasing in diversity. This production is no
exception. To anyone watching, (especially students of color), I want you to know that there
is space for you in this department, just like there's space for you on every part of this
campus. Come out to an audition, come take a class, try something new!
Sophomore Lauryn West enjoys the classic piece in a modern setting. “There is something
timeless about the text and the themes of the piece, which clearly resonated with Euripides'
audience back in the fifth century BCE and will hopefully resonate with people now. There is a
reason these works still are performed today. Honestly, I really missed being able to bond with
my castmates. Zoom does not have the same feel as a rehearsal room does. It was so odd
being back in a rehearsal space and being able to talk and joke and just be with people again.”
Junior Theatre major Chloe Savitch says “I think that this show will resonate with people due to
the fact that we have lost so much this past year. Trojan Women is a play about heartbreak,
resilience, and struggle. I think that each person resonates with those attributes in some way
due to the pandemic.”
Finally, Senior double major in Theatre and Biochemistry Sophie Hurwitz is thrilled to end her
collegiate career with TROJAN WOMEN in front of a live audience. “ I'm excited for them to get
to see the collaboration between the music and theater departments and how we have worked
together to create some unique and powerful moments on stage. It's amazing to get to talk to
my friends in the music department about this piece and so I'm excited for the audience to also
get to see what happens when we all get to work together.”
THE TROJAN WOMEN, translated by Amlin Gray, stars Ginde Baker as Hecuba, Amber Birt
as Poseidon, Lauryn West as Talthybius, Chloe Savitch as Cassandra, Sophie Hurwitz as
Andromache, Helen Smith as Helen of Troy, Erick Miron as Menaleus, and Adam Hall and Eli
Coleman as Greek soldiers. The set was designed by Andrew Mannion, costumes by Brittney
Belz, lighting by Drew Bodd, sound by Luke Krauss with original music by the UC Music
Department. Tickets, available through Eventbrite, are available for evening performances on
May 20-23 at 8pm, and will be available for streaming during the first week of June. For more
information, write the Theatre and Dance Box Office at


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