PSY Speaker Series ~ Dr. Charles Hillman ~ KARP 105, Thursday, May 5 at 12:45 pm

Charles Hillman
May 5, 2022 12:45 PM–1:50 PM

The Union College Psychology Department Speaker Series and Honors Colloquium welcome

Charles H. Hillman, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology and the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement, & Rehabilitation Sciences, Northeastern University

for a public lecture entitled

Childhood Physical Activity and Excess Adiposity on Brain and Cognition

Thursday, May 5, 2022

12:45–1:50 PM • Karp 105

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

There is a growing public health burden of unhealthy behaviors (e.g., physical inactivity, excessive energy intake) among children of industrialized nations. Children have become increasingly inactive, leading to increases in the prevalence of being overweight and unfit. Poor physical activity behaviors during childhood often track throughout life and have implications for the prevalence of several chronic diseases during adulthood. Particularly troubling is the absence of public health concern for the effect of physical inactivity on cognitive and brain health. It is curious that this has not emerged as a larger societal issue, given its clear relationship with childhood obesity and other health disorders that have captured public attention. My research program has investigated the relation of health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, exercise) and their physiological correlates (e.g., aerobic fitness, adiposity) to cognitive and brain health in preadolescent children. My techniques of investigation involve a combination of neuroimaging, behavioral assessments, and scholastic outcomes in an effort to translate basic laboratory findings into everyday life.


KARP 105

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