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"Fresh Summer Picks" showcases innovative student art

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By Stephane Boileau '11Inside the Atrium Gallery
The Fresh Summer Picks exhibition, which features some of the best student artwork from the 2010-11 academic year, is underway at the Atrium Gallery and will continue until Sept. 9.

This annual summer display showcases the talents of Visual Arts students in addition to those from other academic disciplines, such as mechanical engineering and English.

Artwork encompasses drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and digital art. Students were exploratory and innovative in their quest to fulfill this year’s twin main themes of perception and reinterpretation. Displays range from Hilary Zelson’s vibrant glitter paintings, to Erica Brooks’ digital mashups of well-known corporate brands and Stephane Boileau’s profound photographs of toy soldiers. The exhibit demonstrates the interdisciplinary vitality of the Visual Arts department.

Those included in the gallery are Boileau ’11, Brooks ’11, Dan Ni Cao ’11, Grace Carroll ’12, Jacob Davis ’12, Cristi DiBernardo ’11, Hiromu Enoki ’11, Seamus-Feider Sullivan ’13, Vishnu Gollakota ’12, Neena Jube ’11, Rebecca Kurzweil ’13, David Leung ’13, Li Liang ’11, Xie Long ’11, Kate MacEwan ’11, Carlon McPherson ’11, Christina Mazzei ’12, Robert Meeson ’12, Amin Meyghani ’13, Jasmine Nance ’12, Katie O’Brien ’13, Eliis Otti ’13, Sheri Park ’13, Eugene Plimpton ’11, Amanda Purner ’11, Angelica Sohn ’13, David Swenson ’12, Scott Traylor ’11, Amanda Wald ’11, Melody Williams ’11, and Zelson ’11.

The gallery is located in the Visual Arts Building and is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact Kathie Herrington at 388-6714 for more information.