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Students turn out for president's late night breakfast

At least 100 students gathered in Upper Class Dining Hall Thursday night to be served a late-night breakfast by President Ainlay and select faculty and staff.

Students were greeted at the door with bags full of trail mix and non-alcoholic Jello shots.
The dining hall was decorated with doughnut-shaped balloons and table cloths that the students could color on; the music was playing, and everyone was having a blast. Not only were there eggs, bacon, pancakes and all your other basic breakfast essentials, but there were also strawberry and pineapple smoothies, a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit, pastries and a fried food bar.

“The faculty that’s serving us tonight is so great. We have all the deans, President Ainlay, and so many more. It’s a lot of fun” said Emily Karam ’11.

President Ainlay said was thrilled with the success of the event. “Things are going terrific,” he said. “The food is spectacular. The students have been working so hard, and I’m glad they were able to come out here tonight to get a break from all their studying.”

Members of the Student Forum were also working hard at the event. Andrew Churchill ’11, president of the Student Forum, said “Things are going great. We’ve got the president serving scrambled eggs. Matt Milless is in an apron. Randy Miller, student trustee, is doing a great job on the smoothies. What more could you ask for?”

The President’s Breakfast was a way for the students to escape their study schedules and relax with good company, great food and music.