Academic initiatives poster session showcases new programs

Poster session gave the campus community a glimpse into new opportunities at Union
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Academic initiatives poster session showcases new programs

Faculty and staff recently presented their work and programs at the Academic Initiatives Poster session.

The event featured a wide range of topics and initiatives currently being explored at the College, including the IBM cluster computer, the library’s 50th anniversary and the Smarter Planet Sophomore Research Seminars

“The poster session showcased new developments and programs at Union,” said Therese McCarty, the Stephen J. and Diane K. Ciesinski Dean of the Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs. “It gave students, faculty, and staff members a chance to learn more about various academic opportunities.”

Those who participated at the session (with their posters) are:

Jillmarie Murphy: “Analeptic Sublime: Land Attachment and Embodied Cognition in Joel Tyler Headley’s Adirondack: or, Life in the Woods”

Bob Baker and Amy Bloom: “Ethics Across the Curriculum and Honor Code Policy”

Gale Keraga and Maggie Tongue: “Supplemental Instruction Program”

Kristin Fox: “Undergraduate Research”

Lara Atkins: “New Terms Abroad for Winter and Spring 2012” and "IBM Summer Global Internships"

Michele Angrist: “Model UN”

Ellen Borkowsk and Mary Parlett-Sweeney: “IBM Cluster Computer" and "Learning Technologies”

Tom McFadden: The Library's 50th Anniversary

Hal Fried and Ron Bucinell: “Entrepreneurship and the Kern Family Foundation Grant”

Valerie Barr: “Creating a Campus-Wide Computation Initiative”

Doug Klein: “Smarter Planet Sophomore Research Seminar” and “Symposiom on Engineering and Liberal Education”

Mark Walker: “Big History”