Publication Date

Aisling Kearns ‘13
    Topic: The culture change among Irish travelers
    Adviser: Sharon and George Gmelch

Ajay Major ‘12
    Topic: Expression and purification of putative metacaspase gene SCP1 from Schizophyllum commune 
    Adviser: Kristin Fox

William-Barton Harris ‘13
    Topic: Mechanical stimulation of a healing fracture callus in a mouse model
    Adviser: Jennifer Currey

Tauseef Ahmed ‘13
    Topic: Using Drosophila melanogaster larval neuromuscular junction dissections to investigate the role of Palmitoyl-Protein Thioesterase 1 in Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses
    Adviser: Quynh Chu-LaGraff 

Max Balter ‘12
    Topic: Design and application of dragonfly prey simulator
    Adviser: Robert Olberg 

Mikaela Coburn ‘13
    Topic: Functional trade-offs in peat moss
    Adviser: Steven Rice 

Chelsea Curtis ’12 
    Topic: Short and long term effects of Methyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin on human follicle stimulating hormone-induced activation of p44 map kinase pathways 
    Adviser: Brian Cohen

Aviva Dworkin ‘12
    Topic: Investigation of Ppt2 during Embryonic neural development in Drosophila.
    Adviser: Quynh Chu-LaGraff

Vasyl Hereha ‘12
    Topic: Visual sensitivity and the evolution of signal diversity in Anoline lizards 
    Adviser: Leo Fleishman

Erika Hillenbrand ‘12
    Topic: The effects of urbanization on the diversity and prevalence of intestinal parasites of Sciuridae 
    Adviser: Kathleen LoGiudice 

Brittany Oakes ‘12
    Topic: The ecosystem services that forests provide to human activities 
    Adviser: Jeffrey Corbin

Brianna Ogas ’12 
    Topic: Studying the relationships between signal color, habitat light and color vision in a diverse group of lizards of the genus Anolis 
    Adviser: Leo Fleishman

Mital Patel ‘12
    Topic: The biological and economic components necessary to calculate the value of such non-market commodities as biodiversity, clean water, and wilderness
    Adviser: Jeffrey Corbin 

James Ross ‘12
    Topic: The importance of carotenoids for photoprotection in sphagnum moss
    Adviser: Steve Rice

Danielle Steinmetz ‘12
    Topic: Mutagenesis of the human FSH receptor
    Adviser: Brian Cohen

Robert Davis ‘12
    Topic: Interactions between endo- and ectoparasites in sciurids
    Adviser: Kathleen LoGiudice

David Foreman ’13 
    Topic: Interactions between endo- and ectoparasites in sciurids
    Adviser: Kathleen LoGiudice

Courtney Elwell ‘14
    Topic: Monitoring photophysical properties of CdSe quantum dots with variable coatings using UV/Vis spectroscopy 
    Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Natalie Engel ‘12
    Topic: Ligand dependent geometry: tetrahedral vs. octahedral coordination spheres for cobalt thiazole complexes 
    Adviser: Laurie Tyler 

Stephen Juhl ‘12
    Topic: Analysis of catalytic application of aerogels prepared by rapid supercritical extraction
    Adviser: Mary Carroll

Danielle Kreig ‘12
    Topic: Use of cell-permeable variants of trehalose for the cryopreservation of mammalian cells
    Adviser: Margot Paulick

Brendan Lichtenthal ‘12
    Topic: Developing an organocatalyzed multiple component Aza-Michael condensation process 
    Adviser: James Adrian

Ethan Loew ‘13
    Topic: Purification and analysis of metacaspase from S. commune
    Adviser: Kristin Fox 

Leigh Manley ‘12
    Topic: Organocatalyzed aldol dehydration mechanism: a kinetic study
    Adviser: James Adrian

Megan O’Connor ‘12
    Topic: Studying the binding of perfluoroalkyl acids to serum proteins using fluorescence and 19F nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Adviser: Laura A. MacManus-Spencer

Stephen Scoglio ‘12
    Topic: The electrostatic and conformational dependence of hydrogen exchange kinetics on pseudomonas aeruginosa azurin
    Adviser: Janet Anderson

Ramsey Steiner ‘12
    Topic: Synthesis, characterization and anticancer activities of new Co(II), Cu(II), and Pt(II) complexes 
    Adviser: Laurie Tyler 

Shivani Suhag ‘12
    Topic: Occurrence, fate and toxicity of ultraviolet filter chemicals in the aquatic environment
    Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Evan Vanable ’13 
    Topic: Efforts toward the full synthesis of Botryolide E
    Adviser: Jesse Carrick

Matthew Wilk ‘12
    Topic: Platinum, cobalt, and copper chemotherapy drugs
    Adviser: Laurie Tyler

Andrew Carpenter ‘13
    Topic: Exploring the Wolff-Kishner reduction of Limonene to Carvone using microwave
    Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck 

Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering
Leah Smith ‘14
    Topic: Formation and characterization of hydrophobic aerogels
    Adviser: Mary Carroll and Ann Anderson

Christopher Choquette ‘12
    Topic: The Assassination of Julius Caesar: Three Degrees of Motivation
    Adviser: Hans-Friedrich Mueller

Joseph Dammann ‘12
    Topic: TBA
    Adviser: Tarik Wareh

Computer Engineering
Ben Humphreys ‘12
    Topic: Locomotion in complex tensegrity structures
    Adviser: John Rieffel

Computer Science 
Christina Cervini ‘12
    Topic: Can the emotiv EPOC reliability detect non-verbal signals relevant in dialog? 
    Adviser: Kristina Striegnitz and Andrea Tartaro 

Tim Kuehn ‘12
    Topic: Evolutionary fabrication: integrating evolutionary algorithms into 3D printers
    Adviser: John Rieffel 

Aviva Rutkin ‘12
    Topic: ‘Push the Yellow Button’: Modeling Natural Language Generation
    Adviser: Kristina Striegnitz

Sujana Adhikari ‘12
    Topic: Do plan advisers take their own advice?
    Adviser: Tomas Dvorak

Michael Casper ‘12
    Topic: The financial feasibility of generating electric power in New York
    Adviser: Stephen Schmidt 

Destinee Laquer ‘13
    Topic: The Midwest commuter crisis-revamping electric cars in a time of conservation
    Adviser: Brad Lewis

Daniel Roginski ‘12
    Topic: The effects of alternative energy projects in upstate New York on clustering and economic redevelopment
    Adviser: Bradley Lewis

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anas Alghbari ‘12
    Topic: Face recognition application for a mobile platform
    Adviser: Shane Cotter

Electrical Engineering 
Nicholas Brenn ‘14
    Topic: Fabrication and characterization of alumina pores for photovoltaic application and fundamental studies of physically confined materials
    Adviser: Palmyra Catravas

Saem Hur ‘13
    Topic: Acoustic study of medial stop consonants in American children
    Adviser: Helen Hanson

Jacob LaRocca ‘12
    Topic: Design and construction of novel electronic musical instruments
    Adviser: Palmyra Catravas, James Hedrick

Amer Khraisat ‘13
    Topic: Real-time face detection and recognition
    Adviser: Shane Cotter

SreyNoch Chin ’12
    Topic: Improving the Union College trolley tracker
    Adviser: John Spinelli 

Catherine Elliott ‘12
    Topic: On Compilers, Contexts, and Audiences: Chaucer Texts in British Library Manuscript Harley 7333
    Adviser: Kara Doyle

Victoria McIntyre ‘13
    Topic: Increasing sustainability on campus by composting
    Adviser: Hugh Jenkins

Gregory Brenn ‘14
    Topic: The determination of clay minerals in weathered volcanic rocks 
    Adviser: Holli Frey

Curtis Breuer ‘14
    Topic: Trace element thermometry using LA-ICPMS
    Adviser: Matt Manon

Benjamin Carlson ‘12
    Topic: Exhumation and thermal history of the Prince William composite terrain, Alaska 
    Adviser: John Garver

Grace Delgado ‘14
    Topic: XRF calibration
    Adviser: Holli Frey

Taylor LaBrecque ‘12
    Topic: Analysis of glacial flour flux in the Peruvian Andes
    Adviser: Donald Rodbell

Sasha Rothenberg ‘12
    Topic: Isotopic analysis of Peruvian Andes lake sediment cores determining variation in climate and hydrology through the Holocene
    Adviser: Donald Rodbell

Sergio Azcona ‘12
    Topic: The early nineteenth century judiciary: legitimizing civil rights
    Adviser: Kenneth Aslakson

Ceillie Clark-Keane ‘13
    Topic: Writing the history of Mary Queen of Scots
    Adviser: John Cramsie

Daniel Nault ‘12
    Topic: Relief efforts following Hurrican Agnes (1972) in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania
    Adviser: Andrew Morris

Richard French ‘13
    Topic: Artifact-free reconstruction of medical imaging information
    Adviser: Jue Wang

Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Anderson ‘13
    Topic: Obtaining a three-dimensional model of the embryonic heart during early S-looping
    Adviser: Ashok Ramasubramanian

David Carabis ‘13
    Topic: Catalytic aerogel research
    Adviser: Ann Anderson

Kevin Chico ‘14
    Topic: Early S-looping in the embryonic heart
    Adviser: Ashok Ramasubramanian

Walter Chin ‘12
    Topic: Thermal strains in RF micro-electromechanical microbridge structures
    Adviser: Rebecca Cortez

Mcolisi Dlamini ‘12
    Topic: Studying myocardial infarction and hypertension on bullfrog hearts in vivo and in vitro
    Adviser: Ronald Bucinell

Jose Eduardo Madero Munoz ‘12
    Topic: Catalytic aerogel materials for automotive exhaust pollution mitigation
    Adviser: Brad Bruno

Christopher Pillsbury ‘12
    Topic: International collaboration to study the self-healing properties of ionomers
    Adviser: Stephen Kalista

Erin Villeneuve ‘12
    Topic: Implementation of small scale vertical axis wind turbines to reduce carbon emissions and minimize land impact
    Adviser: Richard Wilk

Michael Posilovic ‘12
    Topic: Strength characteristics of aerogels and updating the mechanical engineering fluids lab
    Adviser: Ann Anderson

Erik Skorina ‘12
    Topic: Web application for heterogeneous cross sectional properties of bone
    Adviser: Andy Rapoff

Benjamin Glaser-Nolan ‘13
    Topic: Nanomaterials
    Adviser: Rebecca Cortez

Chris Heske ‘11
    Topic: TBA
    Adviser: Brad Bruno 

Amanda Laven ‘13
    Topic: From Japanese hands to Western ears: Transcribing Japanese rhythms into Western musical notation
    Adviser: Jennifer Matsue

Derek Weinberg ‘13
    Topic: The study and performance of Renaissance and Baroque music written for the classical guitar
    Adviser: Dianne McMullen

Thanh-Mai Bui-Duy ‘12
    Topic: Common ethics code for everyday problems
    Adviser: Mark Wunderlich

Emily Lnenicka ‘12
    Topic: Examining rights to maternal health care in Uganda
    Adviser: Lisa Warenski

Ryan Semerad ‘13
    Topic: Understanding the philosophy of contemporary moral dilemmas
    Adviser: Mark Wunderlich

Pavel Aprelev ‘13
    Topic: Detecting single Krypton atoms
    Adviser: Chad Orzel

Maria Battaglia ‘12
    Topic: Seasonal variation and trace elemental mapping of the composition and concentration of New York rainwater samples using the Union College pelletron particle accelerator and PIXE
    Adviser: Scott LaBrake 

Lada Ducheckova, International Exchange Student
    Topic: Completion of JAVA package for teaching of radio astronomy fundamentals
    Adviser: Jonathan Marr

Tokuei Higashino ‘13
    Topic: Adaptive optics applied to extrasolar planet transits, and differential atmospheric corrections
    Adviser: Francis Wilkin

Nathan Poulin ‘14
    Topic: Effects of transition metal ions on the aggregation of insulin
    Adviser: Jay Newman

Alexandrea Safiq ‘14
    Topic: Effects of physical confinement to nano scale and the Gibbs-Thomson predictions
    Adviser: Samuel Amanuel

Colin Turley ‘13
    Topic: The project to design, build and test a new ion beam scattering chamber for the Union College particle accelerator
    Adviser: Mike Vineyard

Physics & Astronomy
Halley Darling ‘13
    Topic: H-alpha imaging of the NGC 5846 group of galaxies
    Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann

Will Linthicum ‘14
    Topic: Laser induced photochemistry studies of lead compounds for art restoration research
    Adviser: Seyfollah Maleki

Mark Sullivan ‘13
    Topic: Analysis of high density percolation
    Adviser: Gary Reich 

Chris Johnson ‘12
    Topic: The development and commissioning of the new scattering chamber for the Union College Ion Beam Analysis Laboratory (UCIBAL)
    Adviser: Mike Vineyard

Lucas Viani ‘14
    Topic: Using H-alpha imaging to analyze star formation in the NGC 5846 group of galaxies
    Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann 

Hillary Bauer ’13 
    Topic: TBA
    Adviser: Samuel Amanuel

Christine Wong ‘13
    Topic: Insulin aggregation studies using dynamic light scattering
    Adviser: Jay Newman

Adam Pere ‘13
    Topic: Expanding fourier transform imaging package
    Adviser: Jonathan Marr

Vaishali Parkash ‘14
    Topic: Transits of extrasolar planets
    Adviser: Francis Wilkin

Ana Paola Mikler Celis ‘12
    Topic: Study of globular clusters in the Milky Way
    Adviser: Rebecca Surman 

Political Science
Aaron Glosser ‘12
    Topic: The effects of the recently enacted Argentine law mandating primaries for presidential elections
    Adviser: Guillermina Seri

Jessica Sherrod ‘12
    Topic: China’s unique transformation in global commodities markets
    Adviser: Mark Dallas

Ryan Vineyard ‘12
    Topic: Rethinking the politics of international integration: transformations in global manufacturing and the case of China
    Adviser: Mark Dallas 

Calder Phillips-Grafflin ‘12
    Topic: Natural language processing: text analysis of European Parliament debates
    Adviser: Christina Xydias

Sierra Fuller ‘12
    Topic: Examining second language acquisition: how quickly do we learn to associate “book” with “buch”?
    Adviser: Tina Sutton

Kathleen Jordan ‘12
    Topic: Marketing negativity: negative framing and attitude strength
    Adviser: George Bizer

Melanie Kramer ‘12
    Topic: Memory: death and survival processing
    Adviser: Daniel Burns

Anna Scribner ‘12
    Topic: The effect of virtual reality-enhanced exercise on mood
    Adviser: Cay Anderson-Hanley

Benjamin Engle ‘12
    Topic: Updating the Somers Encyclopedia of Union College history
    Adviser: Stephen Ainlay

Aleena Paul ‘12
    Topic: Gender role strains faced by professional black and Latina women
    Adviser: Deidre Butler

Sonika Raj ‘13
    Topic: The increasing impact of online health activities and disease advocacy on public awareness and healthcare policy
    Adviser: Melina Goldner

Sociology/Africana Studies
Dana-kae Walsh ‘12
    Topic: What is the definition of Afro-Brazilian and African-American?: Uprooting racial identities in Brazil and in America
    Adviser: Deidre Butler

Visual Arts
Sheri Park ‘13
    Topic: The art making process 
    Adviser: Fernando Orellana