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Citations for Alumni Gold Medal winners and Faculty Meritorious Service Award

During Alumni Convocation Saturday, Alumni Gold Medals were presented by the Alumni Council to Clifford Mastrangelo ’63, retired senior leader of Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages and PDC; David Breazzano ’78, Union trustee and president of DDJ Capital Management; and George Bain ’73, co-treasurer for the board of directors at Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company. John Garver, professor of geology, received the Faculty Meritorious Service Award.

The citations were read by Richard Lev '87, president of the Alumni Council.


Clifford Mastrangelo ’63


Since graduating in 1963, your alma mater has ever been a priority for you. Even while serving in senior leadership positions with Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages and PDC, you always made time for Union.

You’ve volunteered with our career office, helping students get ahead professionally. You’ve served on the Alumni Council, remembered Union in your will and planned this year’s wonderful 50th ReUnion. As editor, you also oversaw the creation of the Class of 1963: 50th ReUnion Yearbook with skill and enthusiasm. The effort took months, and we, as well as your fellow classmates, are very grateful.

We are truly thankful too, for your relentless generosity. For the last 20 years, your consecutive giving has helped make so many opportunities possible, both for Union students and for Union itself.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that you and your family have been so involved with the College, Cliff. On behalf of the Alumni Council, I’m pleased to recognize your leadership and commitment with this Alumni Gold Medal, citation and certificate.



David Breazzano ’78


It’s no exaggeration to say you’re very devoted to your alma mater.

A trustee since 2008, your support has made an incredible difference to students, the greater campus community and the bright future of Union itself. Over the years, you’ve been a scholarship donor, Trustee Annual Giving Chair and a member of the Arch Society. Your leadership helped facilitate the expansion of Schaffer Library and the renovation of the fitness center, which bears your name. And in 2007, Union dedicated Breazzano House, one of seven Minerva Houses, in recognition of your generosity.

Most recently, Dave, you endowed the new Dona and Marshall Robinson Professor of Science, Philosophy and Religion, in honor of your mother and stepfather. It’s a position that will truly elevate Union’s ability to offer instruction at the intersection of these three fields, fields that are critical to understanding and improving the world we live in today.

The depth of dedication you’ve shown since earning your degrees in political science and social science in 1978 is simply amazing. You and your family have tirelessly supported the College while simultaneously building a successful investment firm, DDJ Capital Management.

We couldn’t be more grateful that your family – sons Jeremy ’07, Matthew ’11 and Michael, and wife Roxanne – is part of our family.

On behalf of the Alumni Council, I am pleased to recognize your invaluable commitment and leadership by presenting you with this Alumni Gold Medal, citation and certificate.



George Bain ’73


Your impact on Union has been tremendous since you graduated with a degree in American studies in 1973.

You’ve been an associate Annual Fund agent, a member of the Alumni Career Network, a member of the Terrace Council, and ReUnion Giving Chair. Your volunteerism in relation to ReUnion class projects has been particularly incredible.

Marshaling members of your class repeatedly, you were instrumental in raising funds to furnish the library in Abbe Hall, in honor of your 30th ReUnion. And in 2008, for your class’s 35th ReUnion, you led the effort to endow summer community service internships for students. This project has been unique among all alumni classes. Its merits, and yours, were recognized when President Stephen Ainlay presented you with the “Volunteer of the Year” award during Homecoming Weekend in 2008.

Today we applaud you again, George, for the new 40th ReUnion fundraising record you helped set. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and heartfelt enthusiasm.

You have served Union well, throughout your studies at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in Syracuse, and during your 20-year journalism career with The Post-Standard newspaper. The Class of ’73 and the College have benefitted for years from your training as a writer and proof reader. In addition, you’ve maintained your commitment to building support for Union, while also serving as co-treasurer for the board of directors at Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company in Syracuse, N.Y.

We are truly grateful to have you as a proud member of the Union family.

On behalf of the Alumni Council, I am pleased to recognize you with this Alumni Gold Medal, citation and certificate.



John Garver
Professor of Geology


During your many years at Union, you’ve made as much difference here on campus as you have in the community beyond.

A recipient of the Stillman Prize for excellence in teaching, you bring the world to your students and them to it – literally. Whether in Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula or the wilds of Alaska, students who accompany you on such expeditions learn more than just geology. They experience politics and culture; they experience amazing places few others ever will.

As an organizer of the Mohawk Watershed Symposium, you’ve also been instrumental in making this annual event more than just a meeting of engineers, scientists and policy makers. For five years now, leaders in these fields have come together for serious discussion of the Mohawk River watershed and important related issues – everything from water quality and floods to water rights and management. The resulting awareness and collaboration, among so many partners, raises the profile of the College and is immensely beneficial to the greater community.

The author of many papers and the recipient of several research grants, you also serve on the local Glenville Wellhead Protection Committee and are past president of the New York Geological Association.

I am pleased to recognize your service as a teacher and leader by presenting you with the Alumni Council’s Faculty Meritorious Service Award.