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Union rolling out new scheduling and event management system

A new web-based scheduling and event management system scheduled for launch this fall will make booking campus spaces and resources a snap. Known as 25Live, the centralized system will allow users, with a few clicks of the mouse, to find available facilities, request the space and appropriate services, and view their own and other scheduled activities.

Currently, Union runs two separate systems in support of events:  one to allocate the necessary support resources and one to list the event on the campus calendar. The two systems do not interface with each other, requiring an event planner to enter information in two places:  once in R25 to reserve the room and necessary resources and again in the Campus Calendar. The upgraded system, 25Live, offers a blend of the two by housing the entire database of campus spaces and resources. Built on the latest data sharing capabilities, 25Live enables users to view event information on a new Campus Calendar and request the use of College space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer connected to the Web.  With its more user-friendly appearance, 25Live will prevent double booking and ensure the best use of space and resources.

The project drew upon staff expertise in Central Scheduling, the Office of Communications and Marketing, and ITS to assess and recommend a single, integrated solution for campus. After careful review of a number of available products, the team selected 25Live which met most of the functional requirements. With R25 already in place, upgrading to the 25Live product will provide an easier interface for the staff to manage resources.  

Training for select ‘super-users’ is already underway and will continue throughout the summer. 25Live is expected to be available campus-wide in the fall.

For more information, please contact Mary D’Amelia at ext. 6085.