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Student Spotlight: Charlotte Lehman '14

Hometown: Geneva, N.Y.
Major: Classics
Minor: Film Studies

Why Union:
When I first visited, the campus community seemed so welcoming and happy. It was very clear that everyone loved being here.  Even though it was a cold, snowy day in January, I loved the campus and could see myself here.

Sophomore year, during my Scholars Research Project in photography, I explored the effect of eyes in photos in a two-term film research project. I also completed a project of narrative photography about siblings in Professor Martin Benjamin’s advanced photography class, in which I discovered how my sisters pervade every aspect of my life and my art. My photos were on view at the Wikoff Student Gallery in the Nott Memorial. Currently, I am finishing up my senior thesis in classics, drawing on ancient and modern sources to explore modern perceptions of the Spartacus story.

Most inspiring class:
Photography I. Working with film and a variety of assignments has helped me become more observant of everyday life. At first, I could make a good picture; later on, these skills carried over into other aspects of my life and other classes.

Also excited about:
Ancient Greek. It’s a beautiful language and sounds so different from any of the modern languages, or even Latin. I especially love reading Homer's Odyssey and Iliad because the meter they were written in is so melodic and adds so much to the story.

Golub Council, Gamma Phi Beta, the Union Book (yearbook), College Democrats

Other passion:
My job at home, working in a plant pathology lab for six years

Most surprising thing about Union:
Union is such a passionate campus. Students truly care and work their hardest at everything they do, from school work to extracurriculars.

How I'm making Union a better place:
I am committed to the Union Book. I believe it's very important to have a yearbook to record life at Union for each year. Many schools are moving toward electronic yearbooks, which I feel does a disservice to the students. Electronic sources are far less permanent than a physical book and provide a much different experience when viewing them. What’s different about our book is that it provides a sense of what Union was like, rather than a documentary-style record of all the events that happened on campus over the year. 

Looking into the future:
I'll probably take a gap year or two to work and then go to grad school for classics or to law school.

Advice for incoming students:
Get involved. It took me a while to truly feel at home here, and I was homesick a lot my first year. I began to feel like I fit in when I got involved with different clubs and organizations. They gave me a passion and a purpose beyond classes.