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Student Spotlight: Warren Thompson '15

Hometown: Boston, MA
: Biochemistry and Music

Why Union:
I liked the high quality science and music opportunities and the ability to combine both studies with multiple majors. I also very much liked the benefits of a small school, including small classes and meaningful relationship with faculty. I knew that through the music program, I would be able to take private lessons for credit with a fantastic flute teacher in the area.

Most inspiring class:
Music Theory III with Professor Hilary Tann. She is a very experienced professional composer and a fantastic and energetic teacher. She put in huge amounts of effort making sure students got the most out of the class, both in learning important material and gaining confidence and comfort in composing and analyzing music.

Also excited about:
Biology, chemistry and math

Skiing, reading, biking, fishing, board games, playing and listening to music

Favorite study spot:
Third floor of the Nott Memorial

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:

  • Learning through weekly science seminars in chemistry, biology, math and music 
  • Talking to different professors and administrators, who are helpful, interesting and friendly 
  • Connecting with other students in small group settings like labs and music rehearsals

Most surprising thing about Union:
I was surprised to learn that Memorial Chapel is one of the best acoustic spaces in the world. The concert series is amazing; my friends and I go to every concert. We occasionally get to meet and have dinner with the performers, which is fascinating and tons of fun. We met the Brooklyn Rider String Quartet, Sophie Shao and her fellow musicians and the members of the East Coast Chamber Orchestra (ECCO).

How I'm making Union a better place:
I live in the community service theme house, Wells House, where we organize events that bring students together to help people in need, including nursing home residents, homeless individuals and others. Through this, my housemates and I have all become quite close. I also always do my best to be an active member of classes, labs and rehearsals, to contribute to a productive and enjoyable learning environment.

Looking into the future:
Medical school, I hope, as well as playing and teaching music

Advice for incoming students:
Take advantage of the professors’ desire to interact with you. Go to office hours, talk with them, ask about research opportunities. Study the course listings – there are tons of courses you probably didn’t know about, and discovering them early is helpful for planning. Pick a few extracurriculars and really commit to them so you can make your contributions matter. Include something you’ve never done before, like learn karate and other martial arts with our amazing Japanese sensei, T. Kidachi, or join the Fencing Club. Finally, take the time to enjoy yourself.