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Summer Research Participants 2013


Zachary Spencer '14

Topic: "Purification and analysis of a metacaspase from S. commune"

Advisor: Kristin Fox 



Megan Dondarski '14

Topic: "FSH signaling pathway"

Advisor: Brian Cohen

Zachary Wahl '14


Advisor: Anouk Verheyden 

Sarah Rand '14

Topic: "Effects of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation and posttranslationally modified microtubules on ATP-dependent microtubule stabilization" 

Advisor: Barbara Danowski 

Megan Mancuso '15

Topic: "Mechanobiology of Fracture Healing"

Advisor: Jennifer Currey 

Colleen Cook '14

Topic: "The Effects of Soil pH on the Molting Success of I. scapularis Nymphs"

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 

Daniel Rice '14

Topic: "The Effects of Soil pH on the Molting Success of I. scapularis Nymphs" 

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 

Natasha Scott '15

Topic: "The Effects of Soil pH on the Molting Success of I. scapularis Nymphs" 

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 

Anna Yeo '14 

Topic: "The Influence of Stimulus and Background Color on Signal Visibility in the Lizard Anolis Cristatellus"

Advisor: Leo Fleishman 

Carley Perez '14

Topic: "Visual Communication in Anolis Lizards: Investigating the Visibility of Signals of Differing Color and Brightness Viewed Against Complex Backgrounds"

Advisor: Leo Fleishman

Meaghan Jain '15

Topic: "Identifying a Rudimentary Colon in Petromyzon marinus"

Advisor: Nicole Theodosiou 

Mary Cornelia Pinkston '15

Topic: "The potential role of myosin during S-looping of the chick embryonic heart"

Advisor: Quynh Chu-LaGraff

My Hoang '15 

Topic: "The role of myosin in cardiac s-looping during the morphogenesis of the chick embryo" 

Advisor: Quynh Chu-LaGraff

Ankur Shah '14

Topic: "The Aeshnidae Dragonfly's Visual Responses to the Speed and Size of Prey"

Advisor: Robert Olberg 

Sriya Bhumi '15

Topic: "Coding for target speed and size by visual neurons in the dragonfly" 

Advisor: Robert Olberg

Zibusiso Dhlamini '16

Topic: "Developing and modeling of a 3D prey simulator for use in dragon fly neural based prey interception experiments"

Advisor: Robert Olberg and David Hodgson

Son Nguyen '14

Topic: "The Level of Sexual Isolation in Sympatric Population and the Role of Cuticular Hydrocarbon in Sexual Isolation Between Races in D. athabasca"

Advisor: Roman Yukilevich 

Nicholas Ferrara '15

Topic: "Corrosion Casting of the American Locust"

Advisor: Scott Kirkton

Peter Aspinall '14

Topic: "Designing an Instrument to Measure the Mechanical Properties of Peat Moss Colonies"

Advisor: Steven Rice 

Ashley Han '14

Topic: "Changes in the post-translational modification of tubulin in response to ATP-depletion" 

Advisor: Barbara Danowski



Isaac Ramphal '14

Topic: "Assembly of an ElectroDynamic Balance and Theoretical Modelling of Aerosol Behavior"

Advisor: Andrew Huisman 

Alexander Jaksic '15 

Topic: "Investigating Role of Cytoskeletal Contractions on Cardiac S-looping"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian

Benjamin Bucinell '14

Topic: Using Microwave To Greatly Accelerate an Organocatalyzed Multiple Component Reaction

Advisor: James Adrian

Jakob Moran '15

Topic: Integrated Analysis of Peptide and Protein Ensembles

Advisor: Janet Anderson

Paulina Piotrowski '14

Topic: Utilizing Dimethyl Disulfide Derivatives for GC/MS studies of Drosophila athabasca Cuticular Hydrocarbons

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck 

Tamana Bismillah '15

Topic: "The Effects of Traditional Herbs on the Breakdown of Lactose"

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck 

Anne Kaminski '14

Topic: "Expression in Yeast of Metacaspase Scp3 from the Fungus Schizophyllum Commune"

Advisor: Kristin Fox 

Zachary Spencer '14

Topic: "Characterization of the Metacaspase Scp3 from the Fungus Schizophyllum commune"

Advisor: Kristin Fox 

Michael Morris '14

Topic: "Protein Binding of Perfluoroalkyl Acids"

Advisor: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Brendan Hartwig '15

Topic: "Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Complexes as Chemotherapeutic Agents"

Advisor: Laurie Tyler

Chelsea Aitken '14

Topic: "Copper Complexes as Anti-cancer Agents" 

Advisor: Laurie Tyler 

Courtney Elwell '14

Topic: "Investigation of Multidentate Organic Ligand When Bound to Cu(II) Complexes"

Advisor: Laurie Tyler 

Mary Suttie '15

Topic: "Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Complexes as Chemotherapeutic Agents"

Advisor: Laurie Tyler

Caroline Gorka '14

Topic: "Cryopreservation of Mammalian Cells using Cell-Permeable Propyrylated Trehalose Analogs"

Advisor: Margot Paulick 

Hannah Coffin '15

Topic: "High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Sugars"  

Advisor: Margot Paulick

Joshua Rose '14

Topic: "Cell-Permeable Analogs of Trehalose for the Preservation of Mammalian Cells"

Advisor: Margot Paulick

Chetna Prasad '15

Topic: "Characterization of Catalytic Aerogels"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 

Leah Smith '14

Topic: "Fabrication and Characterization of Vanadia-Titania Aerogels"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 

Tom Kolb '15

Topic: "The Application of Aerogels as Oxygen Sensors"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 

Travis Barker '15

Topic: "Exploration of Aerogels as Catalytic Converters and as Drug Delivery Systems"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 



Christian Garcia '14

Topic: "Gods and Goddesses in Greece and Rome"

Advisor: Hans Mueller 


Computer Science:

Benjamin Berger '15

Topic: "People Detection and Collision Prediction for a Social Robotics Platform"

Advisor: Aaron Cass

Alvin Andino '15

Topic: "Gesture Recognition for Social Robotics"

Advisor: Aaron Cass, Nick Webb

Andrew Ivarson '15

Topic: "Evolutionary Fabrication"

Advisor: John Rieffel

Julian Jocque '15

Topic: "Tensegrity Motion: The Evolutionary Development of Movement"

Advisor: John Rieffel

Andrew Danise '14

Topic: "A Collaborative Puzzle Game to Study Situated Dialog"

Advisor: Kristina Striegnitz 

Liana Nunziato '15

Topic: "Detecting human emotion through video analysis"

Advisor: Nick Webb

Jeramey Normand '14

Topic: "In Depth Investigation of Current Intrusion Detection System Evaluation Corpora"

Advisor: Valerie Barr

Joshua Loew '15

Topic: "Web Interface and Search Support for Chinese Trade Transaction Database"

Advisor: Valerie Barr 

Matthew Marchesani '14

Topic: "Database Reverse-Engineering and Large-Scale Data Migration" 

Advisor: Valerie Barr 



Alistair Phaup '14

Topic: "Analysis of Traditional and Modern Monetary Theory with Applications for Current Policy"

Advisor: Bradley Lewis

Daniel Tsai '14

Topic: "China's Reliance on Coal"

Advisor: Bradley Lewis

Farangizi Abdurazoka '14

Topic: "Extension of Kashima and Kashima Linguistic Dataset"

Advisor: Lewis Davis 

Destinee Laquer '14

Topic: "Understanding Retention Rates: An Exploration of Domestic Colleges/Universities"

Advisor: Stephen Schmidt 

Yuqiao Yuan '15

Topic: "The costs of audit services in the pension plan market"

Advisor: Tomas Dvorak 

Ran Wang '15

Topic: "The Growing Strategic Relationship between China and Iran"

Advisor: Eshragh Motahar 


Electrical Engineering:

Caroline Hartnack '16

Topic: "Pilot Study for Creation of a Child Speech Database"

Advisor: Helen Hanson 

Htoo Wai Htet '16

Topic: "Crack-free Elastomeric Photonic Crystals for High Frequency Ultrasound Detection"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 

Amin Meyghani '13

Topic: "GPU-accelerated image reconstruction for optical coherence tomography"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 

Amy Loya '14 

Topic: "Dual-wavelength photoacoustic microscopy at 532nm and 1064nm with a cost-effective microchip laser"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 

Arsal Habib '16

Topic: "Optoacoustic Imaging Using Etalon"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 

Dan Liu '15

Topic: "Fabrication of lithium niobate high frequency ultrasound transducers"

Advisor: Takashi Buma

John Dumas '14

Topic: "High Speed Dual Wavelength Photoacoustic Microscopy with an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter"

Advisor: Takashi Buma

Kim Derosier '14

Topic: "Ultrasound biomicroscopy of bone fracture healing in mouse tibia"

Advisor: Takashi Buma


Film Studies:

Clara Boesch '14

Topic: Non-traditional

Advisor: Brian Hauser 



Jordan Thomson '14

Topic: "Establishing a α-cellulose Extraction Method for Future use in Hurricane Research using Dendrochronology"

Advisor: Anouk Verheyden 

Holly Havel '14

Topic: "Using freshwater bivalves to reconstruct the past"

Advisor: David Gillikin 

Kyle McQuiggan '14

Topic: "Speleothem paleoclimate proxies"

Advisor: David Gillikin 

Dane O'Neil '14


Advisor: Donald Rodbell

Barrett Flynn '14

Topic: "Obtaining a flood record through sediment core analysis of lakes in Scotia, NY" 

Advisor: Donald Rodbell

David Hastings '14

Topic: "Paleo Flood Record of the Mohawk River Basin"

Advisor: Donald Rodbell

Alexandra Flake '14

Topic: "Chemical Characterization of Grand Savanne, Dominica"

Advisor: Holli Frey 

Sarah Brehm '15

Topic: "Determining magma source using calculated magma temperatures and geochemistry from Layou Valley and Roseau Valley, Dominica"

Advisor: Holli Frey 

Kate Kaminski '14

Topic: "Thermochronology of the Baranof Schist, Whale Bay, Baranof Island Alaska" 

Advisor: John Garver

Meghan Riehl '14

Topic: "Thermochronology of the Sitka Graywacke, Baranof Island, Alaska"

Advisor: John Garver

Grace Delgado '14


Advisor: Donald Rodbell 


Health Professions:

Colleen Kilbourne '14

Topic: "Documenting the Benefits of Experiential/Service Learning at the Bedside: A Literature Review of Possible Assessment Mechanisms in a Palliative Care Setting"

Advisor: Carol Weisse 

Samantha Tyler '14

Topic: "Narrative Medicine: It's Importance and Implementation in Education"

Advisor: Carol Weisse 



Kathryn Ziemba '14

Topic: "Stanford Lehmberg Library Archive"

Advisor: John Cramsie 

William Callanan '14

Topic: "Alternative History"

Advisor: Steven Sargent 

Mathew Hayner '14

Topic: "Computer Simulation and Virtual History"

Advisor: Steven Sargent 



Jigme Norbu '14

Topic: "Dynamic Pricing and Optimal Control in Retail Market"

Advisor: Jue Wang

Nate Onnen '15

Topic: "Registration of Ultrasound and CT Images"

Advisor: Jue Wang

Melissa Mansfield '14

Topic: "Registration of Ultrasound and CT Images" 

Advisors: Jue Wang and Ron Bucinell 


Mechanical Engineering:

Yi Cao '15

Topic: "Effective coating of catalytic active aerogels"

Advisors: Ann Anderson and Mary Carroll 

Evan States '14

Topic: "Superhydrophobic Aerogels for Drag Reduction"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 

Junior Rivas '14

Topic: "Designing and Building a System for Testing Aerogels as Three-Way Catalysts"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 

Ryan Bouck '16

Topic: "SEM Imaging of Aerogels"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 

Kaelan Hansson '15

Topic: "Observations and Analysis of Early Embryonic Blood Flow"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian 

Kevin Chico '14

Topic: "Exploring Mechanical Perturbations on the Biomechanics of Early S-Looping in the Embryonic Chick Heart"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian

Meagan Carnes '14

Topic: "Role of cervical flexure in early cardiac s-looping"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian

Xavier Capaldi '16

Topic: "Determining the Material Properties of the S-looping Heart Using the Atomic Force Microscope"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian

Jonathan Martin '16

Topic: "PIV Analysis on Superhydrophobic Surfaces"

Advisor: Brad Bruno

Rebecca Knepple '14

Topic: "Construction and Debugging of the Union College Aerogel Lab’s Second Generation Catalytic Test Bed"

Advisor: Brad Bruno

Bin Chen '15

Topic: "Atomic Force Microscopy of Nanomaterials"

Advisor: Rebecca Cortez 

Ellen Muehleck '14

Topic: "The Use of an Atomic Force Microscope to Examine the Topography of Silica and Titania Aerogels"

Advisor: Rebecca Cortez 

Lutao Xie '14

Topic: "Characterization of Microstructure from Pore Density and Stress-Strain Data"

Advisor: William Keat



Phaik Suan Quah '15

Topic: "What is Sacred Music? and Bibliographic Work with Faculty"

Advisor: Dianne McMullen 



Jennifer Brodsky '14

Topic: "Assessment of flashbulb memory for the positively emotional event of the Osama Bin Laden assassination"

Advisor: Christopher Chabris 

Nikita Shah '14

Topic: "Ecological Assessment of Cognitive Change in the Aerobic and  Cognitive Exercise Study for Older Adults in the USA and Ireland"

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley 



Daniel Pallies '15 

Topic: "Bioethics Manuscript Research and Editing"

Advisor: Robert Baker 

Remy Ravitzka '15

Topic: "Before Bioethics"

Advisor: Robert Baker


Physics and Astronomy:

Xuanhan Zhao '15

Topic: "Structural and Morphological Studies of Indium Confined in Nano pores using AFM"

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel 

Nathan Poulin '14

Topic: "Quantum Observations of Single Photons by Parametric Down Conversion from a Nonlinear Crystal"

Advisor: Chad Orzel 

Shauna LeFebvre '16

Topic: "Rayleigh Scattering"

Advisor: Chad Orzel 

Jason Lemner '14

Topic: "The Effect of Priming on Solution Methods to Kinematics Questions"

Advisor: Evan Halstead 

Andrew McCalmont '16

Topic: "High-Density Magnetic Percolation"

Advisor: Gary Reich 

Caleb Novins '15

Topic: "Proposal for the Study of Ordinary and Inverse High Density Percolation"

Advisor: Gary Reich 

Harry Hausner '16

Topic: "Critical behavior of high density percolation"

Advisor: Gary Reich 

Cameron Smith '16

Topic: "VSRTI Labs"

Advisor: Jonathan Marr

Alexandrea Safiq '14

Topic: "Micro Raman Spectroscopy to Complement PIXE Analysis of Aerosol Samples"

Advisor: Michael Vineyard 

Joshua Yoskowitz '16

Topic: "Ion-Beam Analysis of Aerosol Samples in the Adirondack Mountains"

Advisor: Michael Vineyard 

Will Linthicum '14

Topic: "Specific Heat Capacity Measurement of Physically Confined Liquids in Nano Pores for Thermal Energy Storage Application"

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel 

Jeremy Smith '14

Topic: "Proton Induced X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy of Air Samples from Schenectady Airport Using the Union College Pelletron Particle Accelerator"

Advisor: Scott LaBrake 

Deanna Zembrzuski '14

Topic: "Fading Test Measurements and Quantification"

Advisor: Seyfollah Maleki 

Stephen DiIorio '15

Topic: "Pump-Probe Time-Resolved Spectroscopy"

Advisor: Seyfollah Maleki 

Michael Russo '16

Topic: "The Application and Effectiveness of the Three-Act Method in Physics"

Advisor: Evan Halstead 

Nathan Hillman '16

Topic: "Observation and Modeling of Exoplanet Transits at Union College"

Advisor: Francis Wilkin

Rebecca Babiak '16

Topic: "Performing and Testing Pedagogical Labs for College-Level Radio Astronomy Courses"

Advisor: Jonathan Marr

Michael Warrener '16

Topic: "Star Formation in the NGC 5846 Group of Galaxies"

Advisor: Rebecca Koopmann

Ryan Muther '16

Topic: "Python Programming for Measurement of Star Formation in Groups of Galaxies"

Advisor: Rebecca Koopmann

Benjamin Nadareski '16

Topic: "Detection of Environmental Air Pollutants through Analysis Methods of Proton Induced X-Ray Emission"

Advisor: Scott LaBrake

Salina Ali '15

Topic: "PIXE Analysis of Emissions from Crematoria"

Advisor: Michael Vineyard 

Christopher Allen '14

Topic: "Neutron Capture Rates and the r-Process in a Range of Possible Environments"

Advisor: Rebecca Surman


Political Science:

Kyle Lanzit '14

Topic: "Hurricane Camille, Hurricane Agnes, and Federal Disaster Policy, 1969-1974"

Advisor: Andrew Morris 

Justin Dempsey '14

Topic: "New Roads to Capitalism: China, East Asia and Global Production"

Advisor: Mark Dallas

MarcAnthony Parrino '15

Topic: "Understanding the Role of Global Production Networks in Shaping Chinese Development"

Advisor: Mark Dallas 

Trang Nguyen '14

Topic: "U.S.-Vietnam Trade Relation"

Advisor: Thomas Lobe



Rhea Howard '14

Topic: "Correlations Between Human Behavior and Likelihood to Engage in Sex: An Exploratory Investigation"

Advisor: Carin Perilloux 



Kelsey Fish '14

Topic: "Online Health Activities"

Advisor: Melinda Goldner