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Meet the 2014 Minerva Fellows

Eleven Union College seniors were recently chosen to represent the College's next Minerva Fellows program

They will travel the globe to work in developing countries while paired up with a social entrepreneurial organization. The students will work for 11 months and return to the College and live in a Minerva house for one month, where they will participate in a social entrepreneurial course and educate current students about their experiences abroad. 

This year's group of fellows are:

Garbriella Romero  Samantha Muratori

Gabriella Romero and Samantha Muratori, Estero de Platano, Ecuador 

Ilyena Kozain   William Phillips

Ilyena Kozain and William Phillips, Dgeye Village, Uganda 

Forrister Ross   Danielle Lussier

Forrister Ross and Danielle Lussier, Jinan, China 

Samantha Wynn   Miriam Hammer

Samantha Wynn and Miriam Hammer, Siem Reap, Cambodia 

David Masterson

David Masterson, Bagru, India 

Joseph Maher

Joseph Maher, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 

Rahul Puttagunta

Rahul Puttagunta, Johannesburg, South Africa