Inside look: Wellness Centers

Campus wellness centers integrate services for the mind and body, creating a one-stop-shop for student health needs
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Inside look: Wellness Centers

The Wicker Wellness Center was recently featured in University Business.

Built adjacent to Alumni Gym, the two-story, 6,600-square foot building has greatly enhanced students' educational experience by offering expanded services to keep them physically and mentally healthy since opening in 2013.

The first floor of the $2.3 million building is occupied by Health Services, which is staffed by nurse practitioners, registered professional nurses and a collaborating physician. The space includes six exam rooms, offices, a conference room, reception and waiting area, and a staff lounge.

The Eppler-Wolff Center for Psychological Services is on the second floor. The center, which provides confidential individual counseling, couples counseling and roommate conflict mediation, includes a private entry, waiting rooms, six counseling rooms, a relaxation area and offices.

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