COVID-19 Updates

Confirmed COVID-19 Student Case

Publication Date

Dear Union Community,

We have tested more than 600 individuals in our COVID-19 testing center on campus. We received notice last evening that we have our first confirmed positive COVID-19 case in an asymptomatic student who is living off campus. This is a reality for which we were prepared.

Upon notification, we put our response plan into place. Local health officials were promptly informed and they are beginning contact tracing to ensure that anyone who may have been exposed enters quarantine. In addition, Union’s COVID-19 response team confirmed that the student is following isolation procedures. At this time, we are confident in our ability to contain the known infection.

We have thoughtful plans to manage and contain the disease on campus, but we do need your help in order to be successful. As we have seen across the country, and now here in our community, individuals, especially younger people, can be positive without exhibiting symptoms. We would like to remind you of how important it is for each of us to follow all of our campus health and safety protocols including:

In addition, if you suspect you may be sick, please remain at home or in your student residence. If you are a student with health questions, please contact Health Services. Employees should contact their primary care physician.

We recognize that our community will be seeking to understand the impact that the virus has on our campus. We will not notify the community of each positive case unless it substantially changes the operations of our campus. We ask that you refer to our new COVID-19 dashboard, which we plan to update with information on future positive COVID-19 cases. For general questions about the coronavirus please contact the New York State Department of Health coronavirus hotline at (888) 364-3065.

We understand that living with this pandemic can be stressful, and any case that affects a member of our community is concerning. The Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center (518) 388-6161 is available to students who are looking for support at this time. Faculty and staff can access resources through the employee assistance plan.

We appreciate your care and support for one another and respect for this individual’s privacy. The health and safety of all members of the Union community depends on it.

Fran’Cee Brown-McClure
Vice-President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students