COVID-19 Updates

Daily Health Screening Tool- Launching for Union College Students

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Dear students,

As we have shared in prior communications, part of your responsibility this term is to complete a daily health screening.

Beginning September 1, the College is using the emocha Health app and web portal to support students and employee members in completing the daily health screening and documenting any symptoms they may experience. The emocha Health app will allow Health Services (for students) and Human Resources (for employees) to regularly monitor the symptom information provided by students and employees, and help to ensure faculty and staff entering campus are symptom-free. The app does not record or store location data, and is not a tool for contact tracing.

  • Residential students: must complete daily health screening 7 days a week once you arrive on campus.
  • Students living off-campus and commuter students: must complete the daily health screening 7 days a week beginning the day of your initial on campus COVID test.
  • Remote students: remote students do not have access to the in-person campus community and therefore do not need to complete the daily screenings.

On September 1, you will receive a link to download and enroll in the emocha Health app.

  • Those who have a mobile number on file will receive a text message from emocha that will guide you through the enrollment process. Please respond to the text message and download the required app within 24 hours. The link will not be operational after that time. If your link expires, contact emocha at (240) 343-9222 to reinstate the link.
  • If you have not shared a mobile number with the College, you will receive an email that will guide you through the registration and attestation process.
  • emocha staff will be available to answer your questions about the app or the web portal at (240) 343-9222. You can also view this instructional video to learn more about downloading and setting up the app.

Please review the Daily Health Screening page and FAQs on the Union Where You are site for detailed information on expectations regarding the use of this app.

Even if you are not coming to campus yet, I would encourage you to download the app and practice completing the daily heath screening.


Vice President for Student Affairs and
Dean of Students Office