COVID-19 Updates

[Students] Campus Quarantine - Clarifying Guidance - REVISED

Publication Date

Please note: Section 3 (work-study and other on-campus employment) was revised with updated information Jan. 21 at 5 p.m

Dear Students,

Thank you for partnering with us to stop the spread of COVID-19 at Union College. We should expect the number of cases to continue to grow somewhat, given that many students are in quarantine. By limiting interactions on and off campus, we can stop further spread and preserve our on-campus term.

A campus quarantine is as new for us as it is for you. Conversations with the community over the past few days have led us to revise or clarify the campus quarantine in the following ways:

  1. Campus access for off-campus students and commuters is limited to attending academic activities, getting meals from dining, and participating in outdoor activities consistent with mask and distancing policies. Our original message was not explicit about access to outdoor spaces.

  2. We have observed students studying in ISEC and some other academic buildings. Students have told us that they are studying outside their room for many reasons, including needing a change of scenery, or because their roommate has an online class. We are revising our building use policy to permit student access, as detailed here. Please note that students must abide by our mask and distancing policies when using these study spaces. If following the policy becomes a problem, we will need to limit building access to prevent spread of the virus. Eating in these spaces is prohibited. Beverages are permitted but masks must be worn when not actively drinking.

  3. Students with work-study and other on-campus employment who are unable to work in person (socially distanced) or remotely during this time will be paid for any scheduled time missed from work during this two-week period. Please be advised that students are permitted to work in person during these two weeks as long as the COVID protocols are observed (wearing a mask, social distancing, etc).

    For the students who cannot work in person or remotely, we will be issuing checks to this group for the earnings lost during the two-week quarantine. As a clarification to the earlier message, please do not record the missed hours in Kronos or send in timesheets for these work-study students. Non work-study students should work with their supervisor to record those hours in Kronos, or via paper timesheet using code 3032 (Covid Sick Pay-Students).

  4. Since travel off campus is limited, we are aware of increased expenses for some students (e.g., food and grocery deliveries) and that some students and their families have little ability to absorb unanticipated expenses. To those in need of additional assistance, we will offer a $40 Grubhub credit. Please note that these funds have been donated by Union alumni to defray unanticipated expenses. We ask that you not request the funds if you and your family can easily absorb these additional expenses. Students in need of these funds can let us know by filling out this form.

Again, we thank you for making the sacrifices required for our campus to stop the spread and preserve an on-campus term. If you have additional questions or concerns, please first consult the Union Where You Are website. If the website does not answer your questions, please email We will make every effort to reply within 24 hours, during normal business hours.

Be well,

Fran’Cee Brown-McClure
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Strom Thacker
Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs