COVID-19 Updates

COVID Weekly Update - Week ending Jan. 22, 2021

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As of 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 20, Union had:

52 active cases/individuals in isolation (44 students, 8 faculty/staff)
105 students in quarantine

For more information, visit the COVID-19 dashboard.



  • The campus is currently under quarantine. Students are not to leave campus during this time without permission. For more information on this policy please review, Keeping our campus safe and open - new restrictions effective Jan. 17 message on Union Where You Are.

  • Due to COVID concerns, all spring term study abroad programs have been cancelled. 

  • New - Employees can access a link to schedule testing directly from the emocha app, by clicking on the three-line icon in the upper right hand corner and then selecting Resources. There's a button for "Winter Term Covid Testing" that will take you directly to the website to schedule a test. 

  • Looking for a place to study? See updated list of student study spaces. 

  • Students with work-study and other on-campus employment who are unable to work in-person (socially distanced) or remotely during this time will be paid for any scheduled time missed from work during this two-week period. Students should work directly with their supervisor to determine if in-person or remote work is possible during this time. See Jan. 21 revised Campus Quarantine message for further clarification about documenting hours.

  • Union is providing a $40 Grubhub credit for students in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of food during the two-week quarantine period. Students in need of these funds can let us know by filling out this form.


Community conversations - We have planned a series of community conversations by constituency to ensure we have planned time to share updates and address questions you may have related to COVID-19 or other important matters. Upcoming dates:

  • Staff - Friday, Jan. 22 at 11 a.m., hosted by Michele Gibson and Beth Glassman - for zoom link, see Jan. 21 Staff Community Conversations email message from Beth Glassman

  • Faculty - Thursday, Jan. 28 at 1:20 p.m., hosted by Strom Thacker - Zoom link available on the Academic Affairs: Faculty Governance page

Webinar - COVID-19 & Vaccination Updates: What to Expect in the Next 6 Months - Jan. 25, 6:30 p.m.
Learn more about the COVID vaccine with an educational webinar hosted by emocha with Dr. Robert Bollinger, the Raj and Kamla Gupta Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He will provide clinical updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, the process of vaccination rollout, and the necessity of achieving herd immunity. Register for the webinar.


  • How will the administration identify all violations of these new policies?
    We will strictly enforce these policies, but fear of sanctions cannot be the primary reason why students abide by these policies. At Union, we develop every student to lead, now and across multiple tomorrows. Being a leader means doing what is right, even when no one in authority is watching and you could probably get away with doing the wrong thing. We are implementing policies to keep our community safe and open. As leaders, we expect our students to do the right thing because they want to keep themselves and others safe (students, staff, faculty, neighbors, family members, friends), and because they want to return to more normal on-campus activities this term.

  • What are acceptable reasons for leaving campus?
    Students will be granted permission to leave campus for medical appointments, to obtain medical supplies and for off-campus employment. Requests to visit family and friends will not be approved.

  • Who can use the fire pits and where are they?
    Union community members are encouraged to use the four newly-installed fire pits on campus. All health and safety protocols, including wearing a mask and social distancing, must be observed when using the fire pits. See a map of the fire pit locations.


Do you have questions about the COVID vaccine?
Dr. Michael Dolinger ‘10, a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital, hosted a COVID vaccine Q&A on the College’s Instagram last night. See the saved highlight here.