COVID-19 Updates

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Publication Date

Dear Faculty and Staff,

With the increase in the availability of the vaccine in our community and plans for increased distribution, we wanted to share information for individuals who are planning for or have had their first or second vaccines.

Union College strongly encourages all employees to be vaccinated if they are able as they become eligible.

  • You may use sick time to travel to and attend your vaccination appointments.
  • Please speak with your supervisor about scheduling time in advance if you require time off for this purpose.

Some people may experience side effects after the vaccine particularly relating to the second dose. This is a natural part of the vaccination process as our immune systems solidify their defenses against the virus. Most side effects begin within 24-36 hours of the vaccine and may last 24-48 hours.

If you are experiencing symptoms post-vaccination
If your role requires you to work on campus please review the following list.

  • You should stay home while symptomatic but will not need to quarantine.
  • You should report the symptoms in the emocha app. When you receive a call from Human Resources about your symptoms, please notify us that you recently received a dose of the vaccine.
  • If you feel well enough to work and are able to work from home, you may do so.
  • If your symptoms are more serious and you would like to take sick time, you should notify your supervisor that you will be absent and record the time off relating to the vaccine as COVID vaccine sick time in Kronos.
  • When your symptoms subside, you will be able to return to work in-person and you will need to follow your regular on-campus testing schedule. Because the symptoms will be assumed to be related to the vaccine, you will not be required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to work.

After you are vaccinated

  • All employees who have received the first or second dose must continue to adhere to all health and safety protocols including mask wearing, social distancing, handwashing and testing.
  • Continue to be tested per your testing frequency. It is still unknown if an individual who has been vaccinated can transmit the virus to others. We need all members of our campus community to continue to adhere to all health and safety protocols for the foreseeable future.
  • Schenectady County Public Health Services has advised the College that individuals who have been vaccinated who test positive or are a close contact of a positive must isolate or quarantine the same as individuals who have not been vaccinated.

Vaccination Records
It is important that all employees save vaccination record information.
The College is not collecting this information at this time but we encourage all employees to save this information should we need it in the future.

Thank you for all you continue to do to help to protect our community.

Beth R. Glassman
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer