COVID-19 Updates

COVID Weekly Update - Week ending April 30, 2021

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Graphic showing what activities are safe with and without masks for vaccinated individuals.


As of 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, April 28, Union had:
0 active cases/individuals in isolation (0 students, 0 faculty/staff)
0 students in quarantine
For more information, visit the COVID-19 dashboard.


As of April 26, 48 percent of employees and 32 percent of students have reported being fully vaccinated via emocha. We will be adding a vaccination dashboard to our COVID Dashboard page next week.


CDC Mask Guidelines - On April 27, the CDC released new mask guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Based on these new guidelines, we are providing the following updates to our on-campus protocols.

  • Outside
    • If you are fully vaccinated* and with others who are fully vaccinated you can gather in small groups outside without a mask and without social distancing.
    • As a reminder, regardless of vaccination status, if you are outdoors and at least 6 feet from others, you do not need to wear your mask.
  • Inside
    • If you are fully vaccinated* and with others who are fully vaccinated you can gather in small groups inside private spaces (residence hall room, private office) without a mask and without social distancing. Classrooms, hallways and other public spaces cannot be used for this purpose even with the door shut.
    • While the CDC did not define small groups, we recommend that you consider the size of your space. For example, we continue to believe that a small group in a residence hall room should be approximately 4 people. Groups of fully vaccinated individuals gathering in groups should follow our current capacity guidelines and event guidelines. As the percentage of our community that is vaccinated increases, we will be able to further relax restrictions on gathering sizes.
    • The College acknowledges that not all community members are vaccinated and that some individuals may not be comfortable sharing their vaccination status with others. The relaxation of the mask mandate for small indoor gatherings is therefore only available when the parties voluntarily disclose their vaccination status and arrive at a mutual decision that the gathering presents no risk to the health and safety of the parties.
    • We would like to make sure that we are able to hold an in-person commencement and allow students, staff and employees to continue to operate with these relaxed guidelines. We are all in this together and counting on each other to be honest about our vaccination status. Failure to follow appropriate masking protocols based upon your vaccination status will result in disciplinary action.​​​​

*Fully vaccinated means that two weeks have passed since your Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two weeks have passed since your 2nd dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.



We have planned a series of community conversations by constituency to ensure we have planned time to share updates and address questions you may have related to COVID-19 or other important matters. Upcoming dates:

Staff - Friday, April 30 at 1 p.m. • Register Here, Hosted by Michele Gibson and Beth Glassman

Students - Wednesday, May 5 at 5 p.m. • Register Here, Hosted by Fran’Cee Brown-McClure and Michele Angrist


Do you have an unanswered question? Send it to and we’ll get back to you with an answer.


This week we want to recognize the team in Residential Life - our director, assistant director, residence directors and our student residential advisors. These folks truly embody wisdom, empathy and courage this year as they help our residential students navigate life on campus with new rules to protect the health of our community.


Have you been vaccinated yet? Union College strongly encourages all members of our community to get vaccinated. Once you are vaccinated record your COVID vaccinations by uploading an image or pdf of your vaccination record using the emocha app or website. See the emocha instructions to learn more about upload options.

Have a question or need more information on something related to the College’s COVID-19 response, email