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Mask usage reminder

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Mask usage reminder

Dear Union College Community:

We continue to see an elevated level of COVID-19 cases in our campus community - with more than 60 cases reported last week. In addition, Schenectady County remains in the CDC’s “high” community level classification.

As a result, I am writing today to remind all members of the community of our current masking protocols.

While we have stopped short of reinstating a mask mandate, there is an expectation that individuals wear masks indoors in certain settings. For example, we expect people to wear a mask in classroom and laboratory settings, in meetings where maintaining ample distance is not possible and in dining halls while waiting for food service.

When in doubt, wear a mask indoors while around others.

With finals and commencement fast approaching, the mandatory isolation period associated with contracting COVID-19 poses a very real threat of disruption to individual activities and campus operations at the busiest time of the year. Also, we remind everyone that there are high-risk individuals throughout our community, and the rate of hospitalizations in our county due to COVID, while still low, continues to increase.

We know that for many, wearing a mask has become tiresome. We’re simply asking that you show a little more patience and that you make choices with yourself and others in our community in mind as we finish the academic year.

As always, thank you for continuing to work with us to keep all members of the community safe.


Scott Jones
Vice President for Administration and Finance