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Developing Students Beyond the Classroom

Unoin College community service


While academic pursuits are at the core of a Union education, we must also provide opportunities for students to grow as citizens of the College and the world. The Powering Union campaign will help create intentional connections between what happens inside and outside the classroom, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of their world and the role they play in shaping its future. Support for experiential learning— including study away, undergraduate research and community initiatives in Schenectady and the surrounding area—will enable more Union students to immerse themselves in unique, hands-on learning opportunities.

We must also ensure that every Union student benefits from out-of-classroom support that imparts essential lessons about wisdom, empathy and courage. From athletics and our evolving residential curriculum to in-depth career advising and wellness services, campaign investments will reinforce every student’s academic experience and energize our campus culture by fostering important moments of connection among faculty, staff and students.


Investing in the Future Success of Union Students

The Class of 1963 is focusing its ReUnion giving on internship support for students to pave the way for professional opportunities and career satisfaction.

Tom Ackerman '63

Tom Ackerman '63

Undergraduate research: An invaluable experience

“Conducting undergraduate research really helped me build the foundation of my science identity,” said Jared Mondschein ’14, who majored in chemistry. “It made me feel like I could be a part of the scientific community.”

Jared Mondschein '14
Dr. Kenya M. LeNoir Messer '90

"Higher education is at crossroads, times are challenging. But Union is striving to find solutions that better serve our communities, country and world.

As alumni, we must do our part to ensure that Union continues to be a leader. Our giving provides young people with the opportunity of a lifetime—the Union College experience."

- Dr. Kenya M. LeNoir Messer '90